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Welcome to the SCOREC Parallel Unstructured Mesh Infrastructure, wiki!

Software overview: PUMI

For more information on compiling the code, see Build Instructions

To use the code, look over our nightly-generated API Documentation

To check the nightly CDash status, visit our CDash page

Developers should refer to this document discussing the APIs and their organization.

New SCOREC people should read this primer

Folks interested in contributing should look at the Developer-Guide.

These presentations cover some of what SCOREC PUMI can do

Subscribe to the mailing list: scorec-pumi

If you use these tools, please cite the following paper:

Daniel A. Ibanez, E. Seegyoung Seol, Cameron W. Smith, and Mark S. Shephard. 2016. PUMI: Parallel Unstructured Mesh Infrastructure. ACM Trans. Math. Softw. 42, 3, Article 17 (May 2016), 28 pages. DOI:

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