Where we attempt to lay a foundation, document practices and find our way to sharing the work we do and tools we use to do it at KPCC/SCPR
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KPCC Data Team Thomas Guide

Where we lay a foundation, document practices, share data and push forward...

Table of Contents

Things of interest here could include:

What role does data reporting play at KPCC?

We bring data analysis, graphics, public records and traditional shoe leather reporting to KPCC's journalism — from long-term investigative projects to dailies.

  • What we're ready to do:

    • Report data-driven stories for KPCC's website and broadcast.
    • Collaborate on reporting, stories and projects with reporters.
    • Offer advice on how to request records and data, find and clean datasets and check findings.
    • Brainstorm how to present findings and data whether in a narrative and visual forms.
    • Recommend data to use to make apples-to-apples comparisons, data sources to shy away from and how to understand limitations.
    • Offer insight about our work.
    • Ask "Who is our audience?", "What do they need?" and "What can we make?"
    • Figure out how to build databases when what we need doesn't exist yet.
    • Share and create tools that make life easier for reporters and editors.
  • What we shy away from:

    • Being a service desk where you drop off a spreadsheet and continue on your way.
    • The place where you go when you "want a map" for a story.

Sharing & Showing Our Work

Mentors & Inspiration

These compendium is based largely on the work by Investigative News Network and others, and shares their aim to formalize work and leave a roadmap for others to follow. For their work and inspiration we are thankful.