Assets 2


  • Implemented multi channel vertex coloring specially designed for map assets creation
  • Implemented piece merging on animated models, for better optimization of model (can save houndreds of draw-calls)
  • Added support to export objects in same order as they are listed in outliner view (useful for background scenes where sorting is done by index of exported object)
  • Added support for sharp split cross flag in intersection calculations
  • Fixed map points segment extension calculations, which resulted in irregularity in drawn shape on GPS
  • Fixed import of prefab locators when more of them is using same name
  • Fixed wrong export of bone scaling in animations
  • Improved enabling of "Check Geometry" operator, which is now disabled if none mesh object is selected
  • Improved printouts to console on import, to be able to follow the progress better
  • Fixed versions comparison which resulted in bad initial check for backward compatibility
  • Fixed running of conversion tools on MacOS (user should install wine from now)
  • Fixed error when navigation connections had zero length
  • Fixed renaming of export object if SCS Root Object name had dots