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@simon50keda simon50keda released this Jan 9, 2020


  • Ported to Blender 2.81
    • Complete rewrite of viewport rendering based on EEVEE renderer
    • Complete rewrite of custom 3D elements drawing (up to 16x times faster!)
    • Complete rewrite of callbacks routines (should be less CPU consuming now)
    • UI redesign to Blender 2.8 (sub-panels, icon themes, panels moved to more appropriate tabs)
  • New SCS Tools main menu
  • Simplified lighting setup using reference lighting by default, without extra climate profile
  • New caching system for libraries for instant start-up of Blender
  • Improved blender file save speeds, should be instant now
  • New "Merge SCS Materials" operator
  • New "Relocate Roots" operator
  • Implemented switchable SCS project base paths
  • Implemented paste & copy material value from/to linear color space (useful for copying values directly from *.mat files)
  • Implemented variants, parts & looks can now be ordered manually
  • Implemented import & export support for PieceSkins and material indices
  • Improved shader presets loading (by default from add-on directory, user can however specify custom path)
  • Improved looks handling on import preventing creation of bad materials
  • Added compatibility code to load old blend files (saved with SCS Blender Tools v1.12)
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