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Project Sanremo

Easy to use repeatable checklists in an offline first PWA.

Hosted at:

Local Development

To dev without a server, you can just yarn then yarn dev.

If you also want the server server for user support you'll need to: install postgres; init the schema; then build and boot the server.


Installing postgres is left as an exercise to the reader. The serverLocal command connects to postgres://$USER@localhost by default.

Postgres DB needs to be initialised to support the connect-pg-simple schema as well as our own:

psql < node_modules/connect-pg-simple/table.sql
psql < 'whatever is in src/server/sql, in order'

(command presumes default connection goes to the right place etc)

Then the local server can be built with npm run buildServer (no continuous build here sorry) and started with either npm run serverLocal or npm start with custom DATABASE_URL and PORT environment variables. Note that if you change the PORT variable npm run dev will not proxy correctly without changing the proxy value in package.json.


So far unit tests only, run via yarn test


The production build is achieved with yarn build and started with yarn start


Repeatable checklists






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