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Sau-chin Chen's personal website

Copyright 2016 Sau-Chin Chen


This repository contains the source for my website. Private repository is at bitbucket. Public repository is at Github.

Where is the content?

The master branch contains the last released version. The content is stored in git branches, each of which corresponds to one particular version of the website site. For example, to view the content under construction, switch to the gh-pages branch.

Structure of this website

  • Homepage: root page opened through
  • About: see
  • CV: Link to the least CV I upload to
  • Article: see markdown files in article
  • Blog: Rmarkdown posts have the source files in _source. I use this format to write the posts when I have to embed the codes or demonstrate the computations. As present I am using R package brocks. The instruction for brocks is summarzied in this post. Markdown post have the source files in _posts. I use this format when there are only text and pictures.


File structure of a jekyll blog is explained in this official wiki. The following bullets describe the specific files in this theme.

  • _source collects all the Rmarkdown files. Only the Rmarkdown files in this folder will be transfered to blog post. Use the function new_post() in brocks package, the default Rmarkdown for blog post will be created in _source folder.
  • sass is a CSS extension used by steve-ngvb theme.
  • figure collects all the image files conducted by R programming.
  • images collects all the image files unrelated to R programming.
  • menu.yml in _data folder organizes the responsive buttons on the top of this website.

License information

Creative Commons License
Sau-chin Chen's personal website by Sau-Chin Chen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


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