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The SCons Wiki:

Welcome to the wiki of the SCons project! This is an open forum for development and use of SCons. Please, do feel free to contribute.

About SCons

  • AboutSCons - background information about scons
  • FromMakeToScons - why scons? a critique of the venerable Make tool, and a history of build systems
  • SconsVsOtherBuildTools - for those who want to compare SCons to other build tools.
  • SconsProjects, open source projects which use SCons (add yours there). Can be a useful resource to learn new SCons tricks or just see it in action
  • The SCons Discord channel. The preferred chat channel - preserves history, gives more formatting control, and just in general is now a much more active place than our IRC channel.
  • #scons IRC channel on Libera Chat irc://irc.libera.char/scons
  • TalksAndSlides - videos and presentation slides of SCons talks

Getting Started

Further documentation

SCons extensions/contributions

SCons Development

Other Wiki Notes

  • WikiUserPages, a page to find out about the people who edit this wiki (add yourself there!)
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