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17:28:44  <stevenknight> hello all 
17:28:49  <garyo-home>   Hi guys, I'm here. 
17:28:53  <bdbaddog>     Greetings! 
17:28:59  <garyo-home>   Welcome, Bill! 
17:29:03  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Hi, all; just got here myself. 
17:29:23  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Shall we start? 
17:29:39  <stevenknight> ready when you are 
17:29:40  <garyo-home>   Sure.  I put some quick comments in the spreadsheet, hope that's helpful. 
17:29:52  <stevenknight> always 
17:30:05  *      [GregNoel](GregNoel) has mislaid his glasses... 
17:30:30  <stevenknight> [GregNoel](GregNoel), glasses, P1 
17:30:34  <garyo-home>   :-) 
17:31:09  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Actually, p0, since I can't read the spreadsheet very well without them... 
17:30:28  <jason_at_intel>       hello all 
17:30:41  <stevenknight> hi jason 
17:30:57  <garyo-home>   1766: consensus 2.x p4 someone 
17:31:10  <stevenknight> 1766:  done 
17:31:29  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     ok, although I'm already worried about getting too much in 2.x 
17:31:43  <garyo-home>   it's p4 though 
17:32:00  <stevenknight> we've generally said that 2.x will require some sort of re-classification 
17:32:20  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Yeah, but how often do we push out an issue? 
17:32:38  <stevenknight> 42 times 
17:32:41  <bdbaddog>     :) 
17:32:54  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Yeah, that's "the answer" all right 
17:32:49  <garyo-home>   I'm OK w/ 3.x instead if you like. 
17:32:55  <stevenknight> after that, it's history 
17:33:01  <stevenknight> i'm okay with 3.x too 
17:33:16  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     3.x p2? 
17:33:21  <stevenknight> works for me 
17:33:25  <garyo-home>   p3, it's still cosmetic. 
17:33:53  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     OK, done 
17:33:54  <garyo-home>   ? 
17:33:57  <garyo-home>   ok 
17:34:10  <stevenknight> 1766:  3.x p2 done 
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17:34:42  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Hi, Brandon, we've already started 
17:34:54  <stevenknight> hey Brandon 
17:34:55  <garyo-home>   Hi Brandon! 
17:35:01  <garyo-home>   Wow, full house tonight! 
17:35:04  <Azverkan>     hey 
17:34:28  <garyo-home>   I think 1202 is not that easy. 
17:34:30  <stevenknight> 1202:  consensus 2.x p2 TBD? 
17:35:31  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     1202: who? 
17:35:50  <garyo-home>   I'm afraid Steven's the only one who understands that. 
17:36:01  <stevenknight> yeah, probably right 
17:36:13  <stevenknight> 1202:  2.x p2 stevenknight 
17:36:16  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
17:36:23  <jason_at_intel>       it is known that chdir does not work with -j option? 
17:36:39  <garyo-home>   That's another wrinkle. 
17:36:51  <stevenknight> jason_at_intel:  yes, it's documented in the man page 
17:36:52  <jason_at_intel>       ok 
17:37:14  <stevenknight> Python doesn't have separate chdir per thread 
17:37:21  <stevenknight> 1205: 
17:37:28  <garyo-home>   1205: Steven, your idea is excellent.  We get it so much on the mailing list. 
17:37:43  <garyo-home>   Just subst the strings and compare. 
17:38:01  <garyo-home>   I could do that. 
17:38:01  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Concur, but subst too often and it's expensive. 
17:38:13  <garyo-home>   Greg: only do it just before printing the error. 
17:38:19  <Azverkan>     only case that breaks down for its env['ENV'] 
17:38:28  <stevenknight> but this is kind of a corner case anyway, when you have the same target through two construction environments 
17:38:40  <stevenknight> so it shouldn't be critical path 
17:38:35  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Hmmm...  Do you have both envs at that point? 
17:38:44  <stevenknight> yes, you have both 
17:38:53  <stevenknight> the new one and the one already attached to the target 
17:38:55  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     OK, I'll buy it, 2.x 
17:39:14  <stevenknight> 1205:  2.x p2 garyo 
17:39:17  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
17:38:59  <jason_at_intel>       I agree.. it woudl be nice to have an option to show it however 
17:39:19  <jason_at_intel>       In large builds this can help find problems 
17:39:24  <garyo-home>   Jason: yes would be nice, but who'd ever turn it on. :-) 
17:39:39  <stevenknight> extra credit for a warning option... 
17:39:45  <jason_at_intel>       Gary.. We would to test why a build failed 
17:39:48  <garyo-home>   ok, we'll see. 
17:39:48  <stevenknight> gary gets to help clean the erasers 
17:40:07  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     {;-} 
17:40:12  <stevenknight> 1888: 
17:40:16  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     1888: Dependency loops in Java and FORTRAN. 
17:40:16  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     All it takes is two files: A which uses something in B, and B which uses something in A.  This is permitted, legal, and common practice in both languages.  The solution in both languages is to compile both files in the same batch. 
17:40:16  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     The simple solution would appear to be to put the files from the implicit scan into the command line (i.e., add them to SOURCES).  This works for Java, but FORTRAN can also include files the same way that C does, so either the scanner has to return two lists or you need two scanners (hence, an "additional source scanner"). 
17:40:16  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     If you've only got a few files, just putting the additional files in SOURCES is fine.  However, if you have a lot of files, you can blow out the command line or the limits of the compiler. 
17:40:16  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     In that case, you need to calculate subsets such that the sources that refer to each other (dependency cycles) are all in the same subset and the subsets form a DAG.  Each subset can then be dispatched independently (subject to the usual restrictions). 
17:40:16  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Fortunately, there are at least three algorithms to calculate these subsets, each with varying pros and cons.  We may chose not to worry about too many sources initially, but we'll have to do it eventually. 
17:40:16  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Depending on how we approach it, this evaluation may generate new nodes that will have to be added to the build DAG.  I don't know how to do that (or even if it can be done), but that's probably the nastiest aspect that will have to be overcome. 
17:40:46  <stevenknight> if only we could harness [GregNoel](GregNoel)'s mad typing skillz for a benign purpose... :-) 
17:40:58  <jason_at_intel>       lol 
17:41:10  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     practice, practice, practice... 
17:41:15  <Azverkan>     C code has the same as above too 
17:41:18  <stevenknight> reading... 
17:41:21  <Azverkan>     DLL depends on EXE depends on DLL 
17:41:38  <garyo-home>   Azverkan: yes, but you never have to compile them both together. 
17:41:43  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Not the same library, I hope 
17:41:46  <Azverkan>     but in that case you have to compile a dummy DLL, then the real EXE then the real DLL 
17:42:14  <jason_at_intel>       which bug is this? 
17:42:30  <garyo-home>   1888. 
17:42:21  <garyo-home>   In Windows, you only need the .lib and that's partly why. 
17:42:34  *      [GregNoel](GregNoel) never ceases to be amazed at the perversity of DOS 
17:43:02  <bdbaddog>     I hear u there. dll != shared library... 
17:43:11  <jason_at_intel>       don't blame DOS.. it a mainframe thing from IBM 
17:43:34  <bdbaddog>     wasn't in VAX/VMS though.. (Mr. Cutler) 
17:42:29  <stevenknight> [GregNoel](GregNoel):  do you see a path to it without some heavy rearchitecting? 
17:43:27  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     I'm not sure.  I think we could get there with stepwise refinement. 
17:44:17  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     It would need some planning, though 
17:44:00  <garyo-home>   Would batch building help, at least some? 
17:44:28  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Yes, we're retriaging it because it was blocked by the batch builder issue 
17:44:09  <stevenknight> Greg has the strongest handle on it, so... 
17:44:18  <garyo-home>   agreed! 
17:44:25  <stevenknight> 1888:  [GregNoel](GregNoel), 2.x, p4? 
17:44:34  <garyo-home>   3.x? 
17:44:38  <garyo-home>   :-/ 
17:44:39  <stevenknight> i can go with 3.x 
17:44:43  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Ouch!  That's what I get; yeah, 3.x 
17:45:01  <stevenknight> the architect-y pieces make it seem more Greg than David 
17:45:19  <stevenknight> okay, 1888:  [GregNoel](GregNoel), 3.x p4 done 
17:45:28  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     I may create some partial issues that make up the steps; they may need to be done sooner 
17:46:44  <stevenknight> [GregNoel](GregNoel):  ++ to partial steps 
17:45:31  <jason_at_intel>       I have to agree with Davids note 
17:45:43  <jason_at_intel>       those cycles are wrong 
17:45:54  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Which note? 
17:46:38  <garyo-home>   Jason? 
17:46:40  <jason_at_intel>       I don't know Dependency cycles just seem wrong to me,... 
17:47:04  <jason_at_intel>       sure... Just dicovered this GUI does not support copy and paste :-( 
17:47:04  <garyo-home>   That's Steven's note (considered assigning it to David) 
17:47:04  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Er, that's Steven's note, nominating David 
17:47:04  <stevenknight> jason_at_intel:  that was me (far left column) 
17:47:24  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     jinx 
17:47:22  <jason_at_intel>       ahh... my bad 
17:47:22  <stevenknight> onward? 
17:47:24  <garyo-home>   Anyway, how about 2286? 
17:47:54  <stevenknight> 2286:  I'm cool with [VisualStudio](VisualStudio) keyword and putting it in that pot 
17:48:06  <stevenknight> Brandon, if you have some cycles to consult on things these days... 
17:48:11  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Since I have no clue, I'm fine with that. 
17:48:08  <garyo-home>   But is there anything to do really?  Brandon? 
17:48:15  <stevenknight> I've been in the midst of some serious Windows / Visual Studio refactoring 
17:48:36  <stevenknight> would appreciate being able to reality-check things with you 
17:48:45  <Azverkan>     its up to what we want to support 
17:49:06  <Azverkan>     I personally think precompiled headers are useless and not worth supporting so I'm a bad person to task 
17:49:25  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Azverkan, hear, hear 
17:49:10  <stevenknight> Azverkan:  is this an area where there's a clearly "right" way 
17:49:19  <stevenknight> so that we should only support that? 
17:49:21  <jason_at_intel>       Should i send you my re_vamp work steve? 
17:49:22  <garyo-home>   How about closing the bug with a HOWTO that explains the SCons Way? 
17:49:35  <stevenknight> or is this up to the project and we need to support multiple ways of doing things anyway? 
17:49:35  <Azverkan>     the problem is that precompiled headers are extremely buggy 
17:49:49  <Azverkan>     if you compile with code optimization enabled you'll get mangled assembly alot 
17:49:50  <garyo-home>   Azverkan: agree, I never use PCH even though I do Windows all the time 
17:49:33  <jason_at_intel>       just a note one this 
17:49:45  <jason_at_intel>       pre-compiled headers will speed up builds 
17:50:00  <jason_at_intel>       but they are complex to setup for larger projects 
17:50:15  <jason_at_intel>       and take a long time to build, compared to just building smarter 
17:50:10  <stevenknight> jason_at_intel:  sure, let's sync up off-line -- any help is appreciated 
17:50:31  <jason_at_intel>       OK will sync off line 
17:51:01  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     So what's the consensus? 
17:51:10  <Azverkan>     one thing I would definitely not do is enable precompiled headers for visual studio by default 
17:51:15  <Azverkan>     make the user explicitly do it 
17:51:27  <Azverkan>     as the assembly generation will break for optimized builds in a lot of known cases 
17:51:16  <jason_at_intel>       I woudl be for just skipping this 
17:51:26  <garyo-home>   Jason: have to do something. 
17:51:45  <jason_at_intel>       I mean make the users do it 
17:51:47  <garyo-home>   How about Brandon closes the bug with a comment explaining a better way? 
17:52:36  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     garyo-home, worksforme; Azverkan, OK with you? 
17:51:59  <jason_at_intel>       it not easy to setup in VS in the first place 
17:52:31  <jason_at_intel>       plus it will mess up builds of C++ with templates 
17:52:31  <stevenknight> right now i'm leaning towards documenting that you have to do this 
17:52:38  <stevenknight> adding the .obj to your list explicitly isn't hard 
17:52:45  <stevenknight> and it makes what's going on obvious 
17:52:56  <jason_at_intel>       I woudl second the documentation solution 
17:52:56  <stevenknight> i'd be leary of magically adding the .obj file for someone under the covers 
17:53:06  <stevenknight> which seems to be the only way to solve this in code 
17:52:59  <bdbaddog>     +1 
17:53:05  <Azverkan>     only thing I would want to double check is that there isn't explicit PCH support in the existing MSVC compiler tool definition 
17:53:14  <Azverkan>     if not then I say ok 
17:53:21  <garyo-home>   ok w/ me too 
17:53:42  <stevenknight> Azverkan:  can we put your name on it and you and I sync up on it later? 
17:53:48  <Azverkan>     sure 
17:54:14  <stevenknight> okay, 2286:  2.x p3 Azverkan 
17:54:18  <stevenknight> change the component to documentation 
17:54:21  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done; make it research to get it off the bug party's plate? 
17:54:31  <stevenknight> research is good 
17:54:49  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     I'll do that; next? 
17:55:11  <stevenknight> 2287:  2.x p3 
17:55:38  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     2287, if adding all of the directory is easy (and I think it is), then I'll agree with 2.x p3 
17:55:12  <stevenknight> who? 
17:55:17  <garyo-home>   I'll do that. 
17:55:37  <garyo-home>   I have a few [RedHat](RedHat) machines I can use. 
17:56:05  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     OK, garyo, done 
17:56:07  <stevenknight> okay, 2287:  2.x p3 garyo, feel free to push it out if it's hard 
17:56:13  <garyo-home>   will do. 
17:56:11  <stevenknight> done 
17:56:20  <stevenknight> 2288:  consensus invalid 
17:56:34  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
17:57:01  <stevenknight> 2289:  [GregNoel](GregNoel), invalid or wontfix based on info 
17:57:26  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     2289: I'd prefer to skip it until next time 
17:57:39  <stevenknight> okay, if you want to retriage that's fine 
17:57:49  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
17:58:21  <stevenknight> 2291:  2.x p3, anyone other than me? 
17:58:28  <garyo-home>   2291: isn't ctypes to be preferred over pywin32? 
17:58:45  <garyo-home>   Azverkan? 
17:58:49  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Can it be handled by compat? 
17:59:00  <stevenknight> seems to me like it should be if it's now part of standard Python 
17:59:10  <garyo-home>   That might be even better. 
17:59:21  <Azverkan>     only potentially issue with ctypes is 64 bit python binaries 
17:59:37  <garyo-home>   ? 
17:59:44  <jason_at_intel>       pywin32 has the same issue does it not? 
18:00:02  <Azverkan>     pywin32 has those issues in the COM code 
18:00:07  <Azverkan>     but not for the win32api stuff 
18:00:29  <jason_at_intel>       hmm I most have a bad drop then 
18:01:28  <garyo-home>   Jason, do you have a win64 machine w/ 64-bit python? 
18:01:37  <jason_at_intel>       yep 
18:01:47  <garyo-home>   Maybe you could help Azverkan test this? 
18:01:50  <Azverkan>     I would say make ctypes the default and somebody just fixes ctypes to work if it still doesn't out of the box 
18:01:55  <jason_at_intel>       I have been tweaking some Parts code for 64-bit python 
18:01:59  <Azverkan>     (only has 64bit machines now) 
18:02:25  <jason_at_intel>       the difference is if you run 32-bit python or 64-bit python 
18:03:10  <jason_at_intel>       I have limited experence with ctypes.. however so far i find pywin32 easier.. but i may not understand ctype well enough yet 
18:03:34  <garyo-home>   I think the point is to reduce dependencies where possible. 
18:04:09  <Azverkan>     ctypes is just building up stack memory and jumping to random addresses, it just means that in python you need to manually support every possible calling convention on every architecture instead of letting the compiler do it 
18:04:29  <jason_at_intel>       so the current solution to use pywin32 then ctypes is good since most people will not have ctypes unless they have a newer python 
18:04:59  <garyo-home>   ... but then people with newer python *still* need pywin32 (OK, who really *doesn't* need that on Windows?) 
18:05:12  *      garyo-home is arguing with himself 
18:05:27  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Who's winning? {;-} 
18:05:38  <jason_at_intel>       activestate python has been shipping it as standard for some time 
18:05:38  <Azverkan>     billg 
18:06:10  <Azverkan>     ctypes does exist for old versions of python, probably back to 2.0 
18:06:12  <jason_at_intel>       there was another python package that did as well.. forgot the name 
18:06:14  <garyo-home>   I guess pywin32, fallback to ctypes makes sense. 
18:06:20  <Azverkan>     so you could drop pywin32 completely 
18:06:45  <garyo-home>   you mean a user could drop it? yes. 
18:06:56  <jason_at_intel>       can we have SCOn support python 2.5 or better on windows only? 
18:07:54  <jason_at_intel>       One thought is that most people on windows will get python 2.6 now 
18:08:33  <jason_at_intel>       this is not like Linux which ships with python.. you have to install it, so you tend to get the new versions 
18:07:25  <garyo-home>   Let's not unless forced to.  This isn't the forcing issue. 
18:07:47  <bdbaddog>     is ctypes or pywin32 faster? 
18:08:00  <Azverkan>     ctypes is probably 1/10th or less the size of pywin32 
18:08:05  <stevenknight> hmm...  seems like this is a research issue? 
18:08:09  <garyo-home>   All this patch does is set a flag somewhere. 
18:08:12  <bdbaddog>     yes research. 
18:08:16  <garyo-home>   Speed's not an issue. 
18:08:23  <Azverkan>     jason_at_intel: the problem is that things like FX Composer force you to install python24 
18:08:52  <jason_at_intel>       FX Composer? 
18:09:05  <Azverkan>     []( 
18:09:10  <garyo-home>   Azverkan, can you take it and research? 
18:09:16  <Azverkan>     sure 
18:09:23  <stevenknight> okay 
18:09:31  <stevenknight> 2291:  Azverkan, research 
18:09:32  <stevenknight> done 
18:09:34  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
18:10:00  <stevenknight> 2292: 
18:10:22  <stevenknight> lump it in with the previous PCH issue? 
18:10:17  <Azverkan>     2292 depends on the other stdafx bug I think 
18:10:29  <stevenknight> what Azverkan said 
18:10:45  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     link them or dup one? 
18:10:59  <garyo-home>   link, I think.  They seem a bit different. 
18:11:01  <Azverkan>     link for now 
18:11:08  <stevenknight> heads up:  my shuttle stop in 5-10 minutes 
18:11:32  <garyo-home>   2293: another PCH 
18:11:38  <stevenknight> simpler, though 
18:11:53  <stevenknight> I just hit this one myself today 
18:12:06  <stevenknight> Greg's basically right 
18:12:23  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     I think this is from when we separated CCFLAGS out; this tool was never changed. 
18:12:23  <stevenknight> I don't see a reason not to include $CCFLAGS on the $PCHCOM command line 
18:12:38  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     what stevenknight said 
18:12:40  <garyo-home>   I believe it. 
18:13:04  <garyo-home>   I'll do it in that case. 
18:13:05  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     2.1 p2 garyo? 
18:13:13  <garyo-home>   sure. 
18:13:17  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
18:13:20  <stevenknight> could be anytime, actually 
18:13:31  <garyo-home>   I'll try to do it sooner. 
18:13:52  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     anytime it is 
18:14:02  <stevenknight> done 
18:14:12  <garyo-home>   2294: Greg, you tried this? 
18:14:16  <stevenknight> 2294:  return for more info / reproducible test case? 
18:14:28  <garyo-home>   +1 
18:14:40  <garyo-home>   (esp. OS/compiler) 
18:14:54  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     yes, but I didn't get any configure messages, and the case succeeded.  The log had both messages reported 
18:15:07  <stevenknight> so worksforme? 
18:15:38  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     It still gets the unexpected "no result" message; I have no idea where it comes from 
18:15:29  <Azverkan>     when I tried Configure I've run into similar problems with ldconfig problems in the compiler getting hidden 
18:15:42  <Azverkan>     I think the main problem is that its not spammy enough in a log file somewhere 
18:16:09  <garyo-home>   The log file does get everything, I think, but it's not always easy to find. 
18:16:24  <stevenknight> you can say that again... 
18:16:32  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Get more info and try again next time? 
18:16:34  <Azverkan>     I could have sworn I've seen it drop things from children of child processes 
18:16:37  <garyo-home>   anyway, I still like get more info. 
18:16:54  <garyo-home>   Azverkan: could be... 
18:17:24  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Brandon, you want to look into it? 
18:17:37  <stevenknight> last minute for me 
18:17:43  <Azverkan>     I know zero about the configure stuff 
18:17:59  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     then skip for now; I'll get more info 
18:18:02  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     last one? 
18:18:00  <garyo-home>   2295 is consensus 2.x p2/p3 
18:18:18  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     who? 
18:18:06  <stevenknight> my suggestion:  2295 2.x p3 me or someone else 
18:18:06  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
18:18:19  <garyo-home>   ok, just in time! 
18:18:25  <stevenknight> if you guys want to continue with 2005q1 there's a lot of consensus there 
18:18:30  <stevenknight> could even be pulled out off-line 
18:18:52  <stevenknight> i'd be totally okay with what you decide 
18:18:48  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     I can't; going out to dinner in 20 mins 
18:18:59  <stevenknight> okay 
18:19:13  <garyo-home>   I'll volunteer to input the consensus ones  from that spreadsheet 
18:19:17  <stevenknight> i might take a pass through that spreadsheet on the bus tomorrow then and handle the obvious cases? 
18:19:31  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     worksforme; mark them in the spreadsheet 
18:19:45  <stevenknight> okay 
18:19:49  <stevenknight> i'm gone 
18:19:49  <garyo-home>   Steven, you'll do that then? 
18:19:50  *      stevenknight has quit ("Leaving") 
18:20:12  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     (use "join columns" so you can make the message wider) 
18:20:22  <garyo-home>   OK guys, sounds like that's it for tonight, thanks all for showing up! 
18:20:36  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Yes, good to see you all! 
18:20:36  <bdbaddog>     no problemo 
18:20:39  <jason_at_intel>       ok latter 
18:20:49  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Will we see you all two weeks from now? 
18:20:57  <jason_at_intel>       yes 
18:21:07  <garyo-home>   Yes, I can do it. 
18:21:10  <Azverkan>     be in taiwan then not sure what time the bugparty lands there :) 
18:25:39  *      garyo-home has quit ("[ChatZilla](ChatZilla) 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122]") 
18:26:13  *      jason_at_intel has quit (" HydraIRC -> []( <- s0 d4Mn l33t |t'z 5c4rY!") 
18:54:59  *      bdbaddog has quit ("Leaving.") 
21:50:10  *      Azverkan (n=[chatzill@](mailto:chatzill@ has left #scons 

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