IrcLog2009 04 08

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17:29:35  *      garyo-home (n=[]( has joined #scons 
17:29:49  *      [GregNoel](GregNoel) is no longer marked as being away 
17:30:33  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Hi, Gary; Steven's not here yet; you've still got some time for the spreadsheet 
17:30:50  <garyo-home>   working on it... 
17:31:14  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     I've been watching 
17:32:35  *      stevenknight (n=[stevenkn@](mailto:stevenkn@ has joined #scons 
17:32:56  <stevenknight> hola amigos.  been a long time since I rapped at ya 
17:33:06  <bdbaddog>     :) 
17:33:12  <garyo-home>   Hi Steven. 
17:33:15  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Hi, Steven; Gary's about half-way through the spreadsheet 
17:33:24  <garyo-home>   55%! 
17:33:25  <garyo-home>   :-) 
17:33:49  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     garyo-home, don't bother with the consensus lines; I can get them. 
17:34:00  <garyo-home>   ok 
17:34:28  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     stevenknight, hablas espanol? 
17:34:36  <stevenknight> no 
17:35:03  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     how about jive? 
17:35:10  <garyo-home>   :-) 
17:35:12  <stevenknight> it's a quote from one of The Onion's "regular columnists" 
17:35:24  <garyo-home>   The druggie one 
17:35:25  <stevenknight> chump don' want no help, chump don' get no help 
17:35:28  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Ah.  Never read them, I'm afraid 
17:36:13  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     anyhoo, should we start? 
17:36:21  <stevenknight> sure 
17:36:25  <garyo-home>   sure, go ahead 
17:36:48  *      stevenknight rearranges his windows... 
17:37:13  *      [GregNoel](GregNoel) moves to a different screen 
17:37:15  *      stevenknight ...and curses Mac's click-to-focus 
17:37:55  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     I can't figure out why Gary's on the spreadsheet twice... 
17:38:19  <garyo-home>   because my laptop's open on the couch. 
17:38:43  <garyo-home>   not any more. 
17:37:58  <stevenknight> 2391:  consensus 2.1 p3 stevenknight? 
17:38:07  <stevenknight> er 
17:38:15  <stevenknight> 2391:  consensus 2.1 p2 stevenknight 
17:38:48  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     yes, consensus, but should we contact David directly? 
17:39:16  <stevenknight> works for me 
17:39:27  <garyo-home>   yes 
17:39:44  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     The reason I even mention it is that _none_ of the GSoC students are responding to my entreaties to fix their proposals. 
17:40:02  <stevenknight> the one i18n guy kind of did 
17:40:04  <garyo-home>   Hm, that's not good. 
17:40:17  <garyo-home>   I've been behind on asking for updates myself. 
17:40:22  <stevenknight> ditto 
17:40:30  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     but not to discuss here; we've got too much to do 
17:40:34  <stevenknight> right 
17:40:49  <stevenknight> 2391:  consensu 2.1 p2 ask David, SK as backup 
17:40:54  <garyo-home>   perfect 
17:40:58  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
17:41:10  <garyo-home>   1632 I'll take 
17:41:20  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     1632, consensus 
17:41:27  <stevenknight> done 
17:41:38  <stevenknight> 2288: consensus 
17:41:46  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     yep 
17:41:45  <garyo-home>   2288 actually I think we should just close it. 
17:42:04  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Hmm...  Yeah, I agree. 
17:42:13  <stevenknight> works for me 
17:42:23  <stevenknight> 2288:  close invalid? 
17:42:31  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     ok, 2388, close worksforme? 
17:42:45  <stevenknight> worksforme works for me 
17:42:54  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     my line.... 
17:42:52  <garyo-home>   wfm is ok w' me too 
17:43:12  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     OK, I'll handle that.  next? 
17:43:22  <stevenknight> 2306:  consensus anytime p4 +Easy 
17:43:32  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     sigh, yes 
17:43:54  <garyo-home>   2363: mine 
17:44:04  <stevenknight> 2363:  consensus as well 
17:44:08  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
17:44:15  <garyo-home>   I'll have some airplane time in a week, good time to knock off a few bugs 
17:44:20  <stevenknight> 2370:  consensus 
17:44:36  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     2370, done 
17:44:46  <stevenknight> 2374:  DUP, Greg to figure out specifics 
17:44:58  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
17:45:31  <garyo-home>   2375: Greg, your call on schedule 
17:45:32  <stevenknight> 2375:  2.1, and add to [DeprecatedFeatures](DeprecatedFeatures) 
17:45:59  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     hmmm... 
17:46:38  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Yeah, I'll take care of it 
17:47:06  <stevenknight> 2376:  2.x p3 stevenknight 
17:47:17  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
17:47:30  <stevenknight> 2377:  2.1 p3 Ludwig,+Easy 
17:47:34  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
17:47:58  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     2379, I think we should ignore the rebuilds 
17:47:59  <stevenknight> 2379:  dup 1673, mark 1673 +Easy 
17:48:08  <stevenknight> agree re: ignore rebuilds 
17:48:30  <garyo-home>   ok then, I'll take it. 
17:48:46  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     If anyone depends on it, they're sunk anyway; the only ones that would rebuild are those who don't care 
17:48:48  <garyo-home>   (I mean it's a dup) 
17:49:16  <garyo-home>   It'll cause rebuilds for anyone with two [CheckLib](CheckLib) calls. 
17:49:30  <garyo-home>   But I'm OK w/ that. 
17:49:49  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Call it a feature, part of the upgrade to 2.0 
17:49:56  <garyo-home>   It's more autotools-like. 
17:50:20  <garyo-home>   2380: Steven? 
17:51:15  <stevenknight> 2380:  2.1 p3 +Easy 
17:51:17  <garyo-home>   (testcase just stats the files and checks the inodes, Un*x only) 
17:51:31  <stevenknight> add a note re: needing a test case 
17:52:11  <stevenknight> i could do it, but it would be good to try to recruit more people to +Easy issues 
17:52:16  <stevenknight> maybe even the person who filed it 
17:53:01  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     I'll ask, but I'm not holding my breath. 
17:53:08  <garyo-home>   I'll send out an email to the list recruiting people to fix +Easy issues 
17:53:29  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Good idea 
17:53:38  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     we also need a wiki page about it 
17:53:52  <garyo-home>   With a query like the bug party one?  Great idea. 
17:53:58  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     yep 
17:54:04  <stevenknight> yes 
17:54:04  <garyo-home>   Can you do that? 
17:54:34  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Er, if you were going to write a note, just write a wiki page instead? 
17:54:49  <garyo-home>   OK, I'll do both.  I'll look at your existing query for inspiration. 
17:55:01  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     (I'm a terrible writer, really.) 
17:55:36  <garyo-home>   2381: ask them to try vs_revamp 
17:55:46  <garyo-home>   (what's the vs_revamp status these days anyway?) 
17:56:09  <stevenknight> languishing... :-( 
17:56:18  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     (later in the spreadsheet, he mentions that he's about to make a push) 
17:56:31  <stevenknight> i think i have some time freeing up, though 
17:56:44  <bdbaddog>     Hey now. I fixed 1 bug on vs_revamp... 
17:56:45  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     It's the only thing holding up 1.3... 
17:56:48  <stevenknight> it's blocking too much stuff 
17:56:48  <bdbaddog>     not totally stagnant.. 
17:56:56  <stevenknight> bdbaddog++ 
17:57:49  <stevenknight> 2381:  1.3 p1 sk, will point them to vs_revamp 
17:58:00  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
17:58:23  <stevenknight> 2382:  2.x p3 sk 
17:58:39  <stevenknight> that sounds like the right timeframe to look at VS project generation 
17:58:39  <garyo-home>   good, I had no clue about it (scanner issue or something?) 
17:58:48  <stevenknight> or reprioritize it relative to the rest of the big 2.x pile 
17:59:14  *      [GregNoel](GregNoel) is keeping out of it 
17:59:20  <stevenknight> no, it's probably just dumping the CPPPATH strings into the .vcproj file 
17:59:30  <stevenknight> without turning them into Nodes to expand things like '#' 
17:59:42  <garyo-home>   Ok, that would make sense 
17:59:17  <garyo-home>   2383: consensus 
17:59:55  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     2383, done 
18:00:13  <stevenknight> 2384:  [GregNoel](GregNoel) is my hero... 
18:00:22  <stevenknight> one of 'em, anyway 
18:01:13  <garyo-home>   2385: frankly, let's just close as invalid.  Enough to do elsewhere. 
18:02:17  <stevenknight> 2385:  okay, I can go with that 
18:02:21  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     I'm in favor of invalid, but Steven has a point 
18:02:22  <stevenknight> 2385:  invalid 
18:02:39  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
18:02:40  <stevenknight> yeah, but is it really worth the time when it could be spent elsewhere? 
18:02:47  <garyo-home>   'zactly. 
18:03:03  <stevenknight> 2386:  invalid 
18:03:12  <garyo-home>   yes 
18:03:14  <stevenknight> mention that he should explicitly do these once in a base Environment instance 
18:03:32  <stevenknight> and then propagate that to the SConscript files that use it for the variants 
18:03:39  <stevenknight> i can update 
18:03:47  <garyo-home>   great 
18:03:52  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
18:04:10  <stevenknight> 2387:  2.1 p2 +Easy 
18:04:35  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     who? 
18:05:02  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     garyo-home, [AppendUnique](AppendUnique) is a good idea.. 
18:05:40  <garyo-home>   sure, but the patch as is is fine too (and a bit faster) 
18:05:55  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     good point 
18:06:23  <garyo-home>   I could do it with the OP checking the result if time permits 
18:06:33  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Still need a sucke, ah, volunteer 
18:06:36  <garyo-home>   Or save it as a +Easy 
18:06:46  <bdbaddog>     what tools needed to test? 
18:07:06  <garyo-home>   dmd, I guess? 
18:07:05  <stevenknight> how about we just put it in? 
18:07:08  <stevenknight> DMD is kind of a niche 
18:07:30  <stevenknight> if it does break someone it'll be readily identifiable and correctable 
18:07:32  <garyo-home>   steven: I've done that before, never had any trouble from it 
18:07:49  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     does it need a test? 
18:07:54  <stevenknight> no 
18:08:07  <stevenknight> for niche Tool modules like this we tend to go with their flow 
18:08:10  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     OK, I'm fine with Gary doing that, then. 
18:08:11  <stevenknight> or at least we've done that in the past 
18:08:13  <garyo-home>   yes, but I think that's easy too, just see how many times it appears on the cmd line 
18:08:28  <stevenknight> if you want to add a test, feel free 
18:08:31  <garyo-home>   :-) 
18:08:42  <stevenknight> but i think the time's better spent elsewhere 
18:08:51  <garyo-home>   hm, good point. 
18:08:58  <garyo-home>   5 min vs 45 min. 
18:09:05  <garyo-home>   (no test vs. test) 
18:09:08  <stevenknight> right 
18:09:02  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     right; 2.1 p2, gary, +Easy 
18:09:02  <stevenknight> 2387:  2.1 p2 garyo to integrate 
18:09:11  <stevenknight> done 
18:09:13  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
18:09:14  <stevenknight> 2388:  invalid 
18:09:20  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
18:09:33  <stevenknight> 2389:  doc, i'll volunteer 
18:09:39  <garyo-home>   great 
18:09:59  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
18:09:46  <bdbaddog>     2387 I can take if you want, does it need to wait til 2.1? 
18:10:02  <garyo-home>   No, anytime is fine! 
18:10:12  <garyo-home>   Thanks! 
18:10:19  <stevenknight> okay, 2387:  2.1 p2 bdbaddog +Easy 
18:10:23  <stevenknight> cool, thanks 
18:10:27  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
18:10:52  <stevenknight> 2390:  worksfor me 
18:11:15  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     done 
18:11:42  <garyo-home>   2392 is another vs_revamp one 
18:12:15  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     2392, 1.3 p1 sk +VS 
18:12:19  <stevenknight> done 
18:12:24  <stevenknight> excellent work 
18:12:25  <garyo-home>   whew! 
18:12:43  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     I'm surprised we got through all of them so quickly 
18:12:44  <stevenknight> and I still have a few minutes before shuttle stop 
18:12:50  <stevenknight> lotta consensus in the pre-work 
18:12:54  <garyo-home>   next week same time, right? 
18:12:59  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     yes 
18:13:01  <stevenknight> yes 
18:13:45  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     Although it's a bit early, I'm still under the weather (as you can tell from my typing) so I'm willing to stop here. 
18:14:02  <garyo-home>   Greg: I need sleep too. 
18:14:30  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     What's that?  I've only been sleeping 20 hours a day, and I'm still tired. 
18:14:56  <garyo-home>   Greg: ouch, do you have that sore-throat+exhaustion thing that's going around on the east coast? 
18:16:35  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     garyo-home, no, the 24-hour stomach horror that's lasted three days 
18:16:55  <garyo-home>   Greg: sorry to hear that. 
18:17:03  <garyo-home>   I'll sign off now, c u all later 
18:17:05  <stevenknight> hope you're both feeling better 
18:17:10  <stevenknight> see you next week 
18:17:31  <[GregNoel](GregNoel)>     cul, bye 
18:17:41  <bdbaddog>     l8r 
18:17:48  *      stevenknight has quit ("Leaving") 
18:18:23  *      [GregNoel](GregNoel) has been marked as being away 
18:38:43  *      garyo-home has quit ("[ChatZilla](ChatZilla) 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.8/2009032609]") 

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