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State of GSoC

A summary of what's going on. Try to keep it up-to-date.


Gary has agreed to mentor. No backup, possibly Steven can be volunteered.

JGN: I believe he's communicating with Gary, but the result is not getting back into the wiki, so I can't tell how well his proposal is evolving.

Gary: proposal update is in the wiki now, and has a lot more detail, as well as responses to my concerns and questions. He's also posted a fix for a +Easy bug (which I have yet to review).


Mark has agreed to mentor. Greg will be backup.

He is in communication with Mark and Greg; still needs to update his proposal. Greg and Mark are on it.

Ariane Paola

Steven has agreed to mentor. Greg can be backup.

She wrote Greg twice saying she would update her proposal; no activity yet. Greg has written her to ask when we can expect the promised update.

The second message contained a transcript of packaging SCons using Jython. It got a long way before failing, and I'm not convinced that it's Jython that is at fault. She can also successfully 'import SCons' into a Jython session, which runs 'compat', so that's some progress as well. She may have tried running the test suite; she says "many tests are failing" but she now knows where to focus her work.


Ludwig has agreed to mentor. No backup as yet.

Received a very stiff note from Greg; has made enormous strides since then (the proposal is at the stage where it should have been after the initial review).

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