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Update project pages

Send the changes you prepared above to Tigris:

From within the www subdirectory of your trunk directory:

$ svn commit -m"Update project web pages for $VERSION"

Point your browser at the roadmap page; if anything's amiss, fix it and commit again.

Add news item

  • Log in to your tigris.org account

  • Click Announcements in the left-hand nav bar

  • Click Add new announcement

  • Double-check the date (it's probably already set)

  • Fill in the Headline box

  • Fill in the Body box with the HTML blurb

  • Click Add new announcement Add release name to issue tracker

  • Click Issue Tracker on the left-hand nav bar

  • Click Configuration options

  • Click Add/edit components

  • Under scons, to the far right of Add ..., click Version

  • At the bottom of the list, to the right of "Add a new version", click Add

  • Fill in the Version: box with the release ($VERSION)

  • Click the Add button

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