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The repository for the Sustainable Development Goals Interface Ontology (SDGIO). This project aims to clarify the nature of and interlinkages between the entities referenced by the SDGs, their targets, and indicators. SDGIO imports multiple OBO Foundry ontologies to help link data products to the SDGs.

Join the conversation!

We welcome input on any theme related to the SDGs, especially from those working in connected fields. Please see the discussions on our issue tracker and please be encouraged to share your knowledge!

Additional documentation

Please see the wiki for additional information Also, a list of documents referencing the SDGIO is available here.

About the ontology

The SDGIO aims to provide a semantic bridge between 1) the Sustainable Development Goals, their targets, and indicators and 2) the large array of entities they refer to. It will import classes from numerous exisitng ontologies and map to vocabularies such as GEMET to promote interoperability. New classes will be minted and defined where no external class exists.

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