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@Fish-Git Fish-Git released this 11 Nov 16:23
· 1404 commits to master since this release

Summary of changes:

Please refer to the Release Notes for more information.

  • Jay Moseley 'maketape' utility added to Hercules
  • LRVR, LRV and LRVH eligible added to S37X Facility (Ivan Warren)
  • Fix long standing SIE host addressing prefixing bug (Ivan Warren)
  • External Package support simplified and fixed to support Raspberry Pi
  • QETH (OSA) device support fixes (Ian Shorter, Peter Jansen)
  • Various Rexx support fixes
  • DIAG 204 (LPAR information) fix (Ivan Warren)
  • SoftFloat external package updated to version 3e (fixes square root) (Steve Orso)
  • Crypto support fixed to use cryptographically secure random number generator
  • ECPS:VM 1.87 enhancements and bug fixes (Bob Polmanter)
  • Instruction counting accuracy improved
  • Fix ./configure so --enable-optimization always honored
  • Fix dasdls crash
  • Improved TELNET Terminal Type negotiations
  • Fix min/max internal thread priorities
  • Fixes to allow building on Apple MacOS (Enrico Sorichetti, Peter Jansen)
  • Fix bad commit causing utilities to crash (Paul Gorlinsky)
  • Performance of TRT, CLC, CLCL and MVCIN instructions vastly improved (Fish and Ivan Warren)