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@Fish-Git Fish-Git released this 08 Jul 20:31
· 1122 commits to master since this release

Summary of changes:

Please refer to the Release Notes for more information.

  • Load-and-Zero-Rightmost-Byte Facility
  • Load/Store-on-Condition Facility 2
  • Full PFPO instruction support
  • Fix AR/SR/AGR/SRG instructions Condition Code bug
  • Improved CKSM, MVST, CLST, SRST instruction performance
  • Optimized CLCL instruction bugfix
  • CSST instruction fix
  • TCPIP X'75' instruction support
  • Improved internal instruction count accuracy
  • New Diagnose F09 (enhanced F08) instruction
  • Fix long standing occasional crash in CCKD logic
  • Fix Shared Devices slow disconnect
  • CKD dasd suffixed Read Count bug fix
  • CCKD64 support
  • QETH/OSA devices HSCH/CSCH instruction fix
  • QETH/OSA multiple IP address support
  • Various QETH/OSA fixes
  • Linux sockdev syn flooding fix
  • Minor LCS Checksum / TCP Segmentation Offload fixes
  • CTCT device support reinstated
  • Tape autoinit fix
  • 3590 Tape C2 Medium Sense CCW fix
  • Various 3270 terminal handling fixes
  • Automatic tn3270 IND$FILE efficiency
  • Enhanced VMFPLC2 utility
  • dasdpdsu utility fix
  • Breakpoint/Stepping optional ASID parameter
  • New PANOPT statement/command
  • Linux crash dump support (no more machine checks)
  • Many various overall reliability, stability and documentation improvements