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@Fish-Git Fish-Git released this 10 Sep 19:42
· 1004 commits to master since this release

Summary of changes:

Please refer to the Release Notes for more information.

  • Make HHC02917 a suppressible msglevel debug only message
  • Fix CKD suffixed read count file protect bug
  • CKD dasd serial number support
  • New "dasdser" serial number utility
  • Fix various VMFPLC2 issues
  • Fix Linux exit/quit hang when no traffic on tuntap device
  • Fix QETH (OSA) missing CSCH interrupt under z/VM
  • Don't pass "&&" async argument to rexx scripts
  • Fix bogus HHC01111W warning and cctape display
  • hercifc network interface configuration utility fixes
  • SIE fix for z/VM z/Arch real mode guests (e.g. zcms)
  • Various important 3215/1052 console fixes
  • Various other minor internal fixes and improvements