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Initial version

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@SDR4space SDR4space released this 21 Jul 15:40
· 3 commits to main since this release

Debian package

  • .deb package : follow the main README page to get more details on installation procedure and warnings.

AppImage file

This is an experimental AppImage including preinstalled SoapySDR/SoapyRTLSDR/SoapyPlutoSDR version 0.8

  1. To run some scripts you might need to install following packages on the host computer : mosquitto mosquitto-clients gnuplot-x11
  • sat_receive.js script relies on mosquitto/mosquitto-clients.
  • For spectrum scripts we will need gnuplot or gnuplot-x11 package. gnuplot-qt hangs !
  1. In case of trouble, use 'sudo' to run SDR4space-lite.AppImage