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(ns renard-clojure.core
(:use [cheshire.core]))
(use 'serial-port)
;to avoid having to use two-byte protocol version,
;instead, replace reserved channel values with nearby values
(defn package-values [channel-values]
;(concat [0x7e 0x80]
(replace {0x7d 0x7c 0x7e 0x7c 0x7f 0x80} channel-values))
(defn create-packets [pkg channel-count]
(loop [x (quot (count pkg) channel-count) rpkg pkg result []]
(if (>= x 0)
(recur (- x 1) (drop channel-count rpkg) (concat result [0x7e 0x80] (take channel-count rpkg)))
;pad every n values so that micro controller doesn't get behind
(defn insert-padding [pkg n]
(if (> n (count pkg))
(loop [x (quot (count pkg) n) rpkg pkg result []]
(if (> x 0)
(recur (- x 1) (drop n rpkg) (concat result (take n rpkg) '(0x7f)))
;package the channel-values into packets of size channel-count and place a pad byte every n bytes
(defn pack-n-pad [channel-values n channel-count]
(insert-padding (create-packets (package-values channel-values) channel-count) n))
(defn renard-open-port [port]
(open port))
(defn renard-close-port [port]
(close port))
;write data to port
(defn renard-write [data port]
(let [d (pack-n-pad data 100 32)]
(write-int-seq port d)))
(defn test-lights []
(dotimes [n 1000]
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