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- Christmas Lights Animation (2012-13)
+ Christmas Lights Animation (2012-13)
+Proposed/Advised by: June Alexander-Knight
+Sponsored by: L3
+Project Description:
+ Use an embedded Linux single board computer such as a Raspberry Pi ($35) or BeagleBone ($89) as the Christmas light's controller. Both boards have a complete software development environment on them to write the controller code in C++ or Python. Same hardware as before, with the addition of circuits that are able to switch 120VAC. An 8 channel switch that can be controlled via GPIO pins is available on the internet for about $20-$30. The simple version will merely switch lights on and off according to some predefined sequence. A more advanced version will allow the lights to be synchronized to music. In this case, the smartphone controller is more likely a PC/Mac running a MIDI sequencer. (Google “MIDI”) Each light could be represented as a specific MIDI note. Your Linux board then looks like a MIDI instrument to the sequencer. You use the sequencer software to “program” the light show.
+Project Duration: 2 semesters
+Technical Areas Encompassed (e.g., machine design, controls):
+iPhone development, embedded programming, IO control.
+Any other special requirements: None
+Number of Students: 2-3 CSC students
+Jordan Doell
+Austin Wentz

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