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@dreampiggy dreampiggy released this Sep 27, 2019 · 110 commits to master since this release


Mac Catalyst

  • Full compatible with Catalyst (UIKit for macOS)
  • Supports CococaPods and SwiftPM only. Carthage need their own toolchain upgrade in the future
  • Provide the build script to build xcframework contains Mac Catalyst variant, see Installation Guide.

Image Coder

  • Supports HEIC sequence (animated) image on iOS 13/macOS 10.15+ #2849
    • Note the HEIC animated coder does not enable by default. Add SDImageHEICCoder if you need the animation.
  • Refactor APNG and GIF coder implementation with abstract base class #2846
    • Now we use SDImageIOAnimatedCoder base class for all animated Image/IO coder implementation. Developer can get use of this as well.

Animated Image

  • Support to clear frame buffer or reset frame index when stopped for SDAnimatedImageView #2815


  • Fix the downloader LIFO order inverse issue when adding new urls during previous url query #2852 #2823
  • Fix the macOS SDAnimatedImageRep to match Netscape standard of GIF loop count, which should use 1 when there are no loop count information #2847 #2155
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