SCC Post Meta is an add-on for the Simple Course Creator plugin that introduces post meta information below post titles.
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Simple Course Creator Post Meta

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This is an add-on plugin for use with the Simple Course Creator plugin.

Simple Course Creator is designed to easily link posts together in a series and output that series list in the content of each included post.

This post meta add-on outputs additional information about each post in the post listing. The information displays right beneath the post title.

How It Works

Once activated, the post authors and dates published will appear beneath the post titles.

Simple Course Creator Post Meta

Settings and Customizer

Once activated, new options will be added to the SCC settings page under the display tab. You can hide the author, date, or both.

Simple Course Creator Post Meta Settings

New customizer options will also be available. If you have Simple Course Creator Customizer installed, your new settings will be merged. Otherwise, they will appear on their own.

With Simple Course Creator Customizer:

Simple Course Creator Post Meta Customizer Settings

Without Simple Course Creator Customizer:

Simple Course Creator Post Meta Customizer Settings

Theme Overrides

You can edit the post meta output using the following filters in your theme functions file.

For the "written by" text:

function your_filter_name( $content ) {
	$content = str_replace( 'written by', 'post author', $content );
	return $content;
add_filter( 'written_by', 'your_filter_name' );

For the "on" text:

function your_other_filter_name( $content ) {
	$content = str_replace( 'on', 'date', $content );
	return $content;
add_filter( 'written_on', 'your_other_filter_name' );

Bugs and Contributions

If you notice any mistakes, feel free to fork the repo and submit a pull request with your corrections. The same is true of any features you feel should be added or changes that can be made.


This plugin, like WordPress, is licensed under the GPL. Do what you want with it. I seriously don't care.


I'm Sean. I created the Volatyl Framework for WordPress. I like to do most of my WordPress stuff on Build WordPress Yourself. I also write stuff on my personal site and SDavis Media. Follow me on the Twitter machine.

Meanwhile, tell me... is this plugin useful to you? If so, consider buying me a box of "Tazo: Awake - English Breakfast Black Tea." I need ALL the energiez. Thanks. Donate Black Tea