A user warnings & notes system for bukkit/MineCraft
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A Warnings and Notes plugin for the Bukkit family of Minecraft servers.

Proposed Functionality

CommandShortcutDescriptionStatus [Y|N]
/warn [perm] user reasonN/AWarn the user for given reason. Optionally include a permission level required to view the warning.N
/warnings [user]N/ACheck warnings of invoker. If username is given, check warnings of the given user.N
/notes [user] [delete]N/ACheck the notes either of the current player, or player specified by user. If the delete option is present the user's note will be deleted.N
/clearwarns user [id]/cwarnsClears the warnings on username. If given an id, clear the specified warning from username.N
/modifywarn user id/mwarnModify an existing warning.N
/twarnsN/AToggle the ability for users to view there warnings without accessing the config file.N
/wanN/AView available commands.N
/wan reloadN/AReload WarningsAndNotes.N
/wan stats [warnings|notes]N/ADisplay all statistics OR just stats about [warnings|notes].N