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SteamVR driver for Leap Motion
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Build status Release

Fork with updated vendor libraries and extended features.

Installation (for users)

  • Install latest Orion Beta
  • Method #1:
  • Method #2:
    • Create 'leap' folder in '<SteamVR_folder>/drivers'
    • Grab latest release archive for your platform
    • Extract archive to '<SteamVR_folder>/drivers/leap'
    • Add line in section 'steamvr' of '<Steam_folder>/config/steamvr.vrsettings' file:
    "activateMultipleDrivers": true,

Building (for developers)

  • Open solution in Visual Studio 2013/2015/2017
  • Build your platform:
    • x64 - build output is in '<solution_folder>/x64'
    • x86 - build output is in '<solution_folder>/Win32'
  • Copy build files to '<base_project_installation_folder>/leap/bin/<your_platform>':
    • driver_leap.dll
    • gesture_checker.exe
    • leap_monitor.exe
  • Copy additional shared libraries to '<base_project_installation_folder>/leap/bin/<your_platform>':
    • vendor/LeapSDK/lib/<your_platform>/LeapC.dll
    • vendor/openvr/bin/<your_platform>/openvr_api.dll
  • Copy control_config.xml, vive_profile.json and index_profile.json from solution root to '<base_project_installation_folder>/leap/cfg'

Control configuration and inputs

Driver can emulate HTC Vive controllers and Valve Index controllers with skeletal animation. It's adjusted by control_config.xml in 'cfg' folder.
There are more configurable restrictions, such as global input, trackpad, trigger, grab and etc.

HTC Vive controllers emulation

Controls are specified by game profiles that are enabled automatically when game is started. Available game profiles:

  • vrchat - profile for VRChat. Control restrictions are ignored.
    Game controls list:
    • Gun - corresponding hand gesture
    • V-shape - corresponding hand gesture
    • Point - corresponding hand gesture
    • Rock out - corresponding hand gesture
    • Thumbs up - corresponding hand gesture
    • Spread hand - corresponding hand gesture. Also corresponds to grip button.
    • Trigger - grab gesture
    • Application menu - formed T-shape with two hands
  • default - profile for other games.
    Control list:
    • Trigger - bending of the index finger
    • Grip - grab gesture
    • System menu - formed T-shape with two hands
    • Application menu - hand with palm directed towards face
    • Touchpad - thumb press
    • Touchpad circle - index finger of another hand directed to palm

Valve Index controllers emulation

By default, controller models aren't in right folder of SteamVR, and you have to add them by yourself. Copy all folders from '<SteamVR_folder>/drivers/indexcontroller/resources/rendermodels' to '<SteamVR_folder>/resources/rendermodels'.
Controls list:

  • Trigger - bending of the index finger
  • Grip - bending of middle, ring and pinky fingers
  • Touchpad - thumb press
  • Touchpad circle - index finger of another hand directed to palm
  • Thumbstick press - touch of thumb finger tip by index finger tip of another hand
  • Button A - pinch gesture (tips of thumb finger and index finger)
  • Button B - tips of thumb finger and pinky finger
  • System button - formed T-shape with two hands

Currently, there are no free gestures that can simulate thumbstick direction.


Sometimes installation of base project driver doesn't register driver folder for SteamVR. To manually add it:

  • Open console as administrator in '<SteamVR_folder>/bin/win32' (or '<SteamVR_folder>/bin/win64') and execute command:
vrpathreg adddriver "path_to_leap_folder"
  • Check if driver folder is added by calling 'vrpathreg' without any arguments
  • Open '<Steam_folder>/config/steamvr.vrsettings' file and add line in 'steamvr' section:
"activateMultipleDrivers": true,
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