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OpenVR Driver for Leap Motion
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Build status Release

Fork with updated LeapSDK and OpenVR. Refer to parent repository for base project installation.


  • Install base project driver
  • Grab latest release for your platform
  • Extract files to "<your_drive_letter>:/Program Files/SteamVR Leap Motion driver/leap/bin/<your_platform>"


  • Open solution in Visual Studio 2013/2015/2017
  • Build your platform:
    • x64 - build output is in "<solution_folder>/x64"
    • x86 - build output is in "<solution_folder>/Win32"
  • Copy build files to "SteamVR Leap Motion driver/leap/bin/<your_platform>":
    • driver_leap.dll
    • gesture_checker.exe
    • leap_monitor.exe
  • Copy additional shared libraries to "SteamVR Leap Motion driver/leap/bin/<your_platform>":
    • vendor/LeapSDK/lib/<your_platform>/Leap.dll
    • vendor/openvr/bin/<your_platform>/openvr_api.dll
  • Copy control_config.xml and profile.json from solution root to "SteamVR Leap Motion driver/leap/bin/<your_platform>"

Control configuration and inputs

You can set restrictions by editing control_config.xml in corresponding driver folder.

Game profiles are enabled automatically when game is started from Steam. Available game profiles:

  • vrchat - profile for VRChat. Control restrictions are ignored.
    Game gestures:
    • Gun - corresponding hand gesture
    • V-shape - corresponding hand gesture
    • Point - corresponding hand gesture
    • Rock out - corresponding hand gesture
    • Thumbs up - corresponding hand gesture
    • Spread hand - corresponding hand gesture. Also corresponds to grip button.
    • Trigger - grab gesture
    • Application menu - formed T-shape with two hands
  • default - profile for other games.
    • Trigger - bending of the index finger
    • Grip - grab gesture
    • System menu - formed T-shape with two hands
    • Application menu - hand with palm directed towards face
    • Touchpad - Thumb press
    • Touchpad circle - index finger of hand directed to palm of another hand


Sometimes installation of base project driver doesn't register driver folder for SteamVR. To manually add it:

  • Open console as administrator in SteamVR/bin/win32 (or SteamVR/bin/win64 if you have 64-bit OS) and execute command:
vrpathreg adddriver "path_to_leap_folder"
  • Check if driver folder is added by calling 'vrpathreg' without any arguments
  • Open steamvr.vrsettings in Steam/config folder and add line in "steamvr" section:
"activateMultipleDrivers": true,
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