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RAA, presented by SEA group, is an integrated platform of stat display, team analytics and blacklisting. As a side-loading app, it is easy to use and without the need of installation. It provides real-time information of both teams and helps user planning tactics accordingly.

SEA group Home Page | contact us | 中文介绍.


  • .net framework 4.6
  • Windows 7.0 or later versions
  • World of Warships or later versions
  • Internet connection

Using RAA

  • Select language interface upon launching.
  • Choose game server and set path to game executable file accordingly.
  • Click Automatic Analyze button and player stats/team analytics will be automatically displayed upon each battle start. Latency may vary depending on your connection to RAA server. Please restart RAA if unable to load info after 2 min.
  • You may right click on specific player ID and blacklist the player. If a certain player is blacklisted by multiple RAA users, the player ID will be enlisted in Global Blacklist of RAA. Blacklist entries, user or global, are highlighted in real-time analytics.
  • Background color can be set via Options menu.
  • You may toggle vertical or horizontal interface from Options menu.
  • Alt+Q toggles on-screen-display of RAA in window mode and full-screen window mode
  • If you experience crash after updating RAA, please remove config.ini in RAA directory and try again.

RAA Point

  • Improved algorithm for RAA points that predicts player skill level more objectively.
  • Web app for stats database and ranking system is in development.

Mods platform

  • Mods platform is live. Please try it out in Options->Mods&camo.
  • Choose a mods category and enlisted entries will display.
  • One-click installation/uninstallation is implemented.
  • Support all WOWS servers. Server-specific mods are automatically sorted.
  • Does not replace game source files.
  • Current collection includes 100+ mods and camo packs made by SEA group, inventory is updated constantly.


  • Integrated battle replay function.