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# This sample PCRAM cell configuration is generated from the following paper:
# Architecting Phase Change Memory as a Scalable DRAM Alternative
# Proceedings of International symposium on Computer architecture, 2009
-MemCellType: PCRAM
-ProcessNode: 90
-CellArea (F^2): 9
-CellAspectRatio: 1
-ResistanceOn (ohm): 1000
-ResistanceOff (ohm): 1000000
-ReadMode: voltage
-ReadCurrent (uA): 40
-ReadEnergy (pJ): 2
-ResetMode: current
-ResetCurrent (uA): 300
-ResetPulse (ns): 40
-SetMode: current
-SetCurrent (uA): 150
-SetPulse (ns): 150
-AccessType: CMOS
-VoltageDropAccessDevice (V): 0.3
-AccessCMOSWidth (F): 2