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% An example of defining macros
\newcommand{\rs}[1]{\mathstrut\mbox{\scriptsize\rm #1}}
\newcommand{\rr}[1]{\mbox{\rm #1}}
\title{An example EAGE expanded abstract}
\author{Joe Dellinger\footnotemark[1], BP and Sergey Fomel, University of Texas at Austin}
\lefthead{Dellinger \& Fomel}
\righthead{SEG abstract example}
This is an example of using \textsf{eage.cls} for writing
EAGE expanded abstracts.
This is an introduction. \LaTeX\ is a powerful document typesetting
system \cite[]{lamport}. An excellent reference is \cite[]{kopka}. The
new \textsf{eage.cls} class complies with the \LaTeX2e\
This is another section.
Section headings should be capitalized. Subsection headings should only
have the first letter of the first word capitalized.
Here are examples of equations involving vectors and tensors:
\tensor{R} = \pmatrix{R_{\rs{XX}} & R_{\rs{YX}} \cr R_{\rs{XY}} & R_{\rs{YY}}}
\tensor{P}_{M\rightarrow R} \; \tensor{D} \; \tensor{P}_{S\rightarrow M}
\;\;\; \tensor{S} \ \ \ ,
R_{j,m}(\omega) =
\sum_{n=1}^{N} \, \,
P_{j}^{(n)}(\mathbf{x}_R) \, \,
D^{(n)}(\omega) \, \,
P_{m}^{(n)}(\mathbf{x}_S) \ \ \ .
Note that the macro for the \verb#\tensor# command has been changed to
force tensors to be bold uppercase, in compliance with current SEG
submission standards. This is so that documents typeset to the old
standards will print out according to the new ones: e.g., tensor
$\tensor{t}$ (note converted to uppercase).
\renewcommand{\figdir}{Fig} % figure directory
Figure~\ref{fig:waves} shows what it is about.
{This figure is specified in the document by \texttt{
$\backslash$plot\{waves\}\{width=$\backslash$columnwidth\}\{This caption.\}}.
Sometimes it is convenient to put two or more figures from different
files in an array (see Figure~\ref{fig:exph,exgr}). Individual plots
are Figures~\ref{fig:exph} and~\ref{fig:exgr}.
{This figure is specified in the document by \texttt{
$\backslash$multiplot\{2\}\{exph,exgr\}\{width=0.4$\backslash$textwidth\}\{This caption.\}}.
The first argument of the \texttt{multiplot} command specifies the
number of plots per row.
The discussion is summarized in Table~\ref{tbl:example}.
\tabl{example}{This table is specified in the document by \texttt{
$\backslash$tabl\{example\}\{This caption.\}\{\ldots\}}.
\multicolumn{3}{|c|}{Table Example} \\
migration\rule[-2ex]{0ex}{5ex} &
$\omega \rightarrow k_z$ & $k_y^2+k-z^2\cos^2 \psi=4\omega^2/v^2$ \\
\parbox{1in}{zero-offset\\diffraction}\rule[-4ex]{0ex}{8ex} &
$k_z\rightarrow\omega_0$ &
$k_y^2+k_z^2=4\omega_0^2/v^2$ \\
DMO+NMO\rule[-2ex]{0in}{5ex} & $\omega\rightarrow\omega_0$ & $\frac{1}{4}
v^2k_y^2\sin^2\psi+\omega_0^2\cos^2\psi=\omega^2$ \\
radial DMO\rule[-2ex]{0in}{5ex} & $\omega\rightarrow\omega_s$ &
radial NMO\rule[-2ex]{0in}{5ex} & $\omega_s\rightarrow\omega_0$ &
I wish to thank Ivan P\v{s}en\v{c}\'{\i}k and Fr\'ed\'eric Billette for having
names with non-English letters in them. I wish to thank \cite{Cerveny} for
providing an example of how to make a bib file that includes an author
whose name begins with a non-English character and \cite{forgues96} for
providing both an example of referencing a Ph.D. thesis and yet more
non-English characters.
\append{Appendix example}
According to the new SEG standard, appendices come before references.
\frac{\partial U}{\partial z} =
\sqrt{\frac{1}{v^2} - \left[\frac{\partial t}{\partial g}\right]^2} +
\sqrt{\frac{1}{v^2} - \left[\frac{\partial t}{\partial s}\right]^2}
\frac{\partial U}{\partial t}
It is important to get equation~\ref{eqn:partial} right.
\append{Another appendix}
\frac{\partial U}{\partial z} =
\sqrt{\frac{1}{v^2} - \left[\frac{\partial t}{\partial g}\right]^2} +
\sqrt{\frac{1}{v^2} - \left[\frac{\partial t}{\partial s}\right]^2}
\frac{\partial U}{\partial t}
Too lazy to type a different equation but note the numeration.
The error comparison is provided in Figure~\ref{fig:errgrp}.
\plot*{errgrp}{width=0.8\textwidth} {This figure is specified in the document
by \texttt{
caption.\}}. }
\bibliographystyle{seg} % style file is seg.bst
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