SLF4J Logger for Android (used in the KD-Cloudlet project for logging)
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android-logger is a the library used by KD-Cloudlet for logging. It is based on the Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) (

The easiest way to test changes to this library in cloudlet-client or a cloudlet-ready app, is to use the "gradlew install" command to install the changed library to a local Maven repo. This requires installing Maven first (, in order to have the local .m2 repo in the system.

Cloudlets are discoverable, generic, stateless servers located in single-hop proximity of mobile devices, that can operate in disconnected mode and are virtual-machine (VM) based to promote flexibility, mobility, scalability, and elasticity. In our implementation of cloudlets, applications are statically partitioned into a very thin client that runs on the mobile device and a computation-intensive Server that runs inside a Service VM. Read more about cloudlets at

KD-Cloudlet comprises a total of 7 GitHub projects:

  • pycloud (Cloudlet Server)

  • cloudlet-client (Cloudlet Client)

  • client-lib-android (Library for Cloudlet-Ready Apps)

  • client-lib (Java REST Client Library)

  • android-logger (SLF4J Logger for Android)

  • speech-server (Test server: Speech Recognition Server based on Sphinx)

  • speech-android (Test client: Speech Recognition Client)

Building and Installation information in