Server software to manage virtualized services on a KVM-based discoverable cloudlet (Cloudlet Server component of the KD-Cloudlet.project)
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pycloud is the Python-based Cloudlet Server component of KD-Cloudlet, an infrastructure for VM-based cyber-foraging. The three main components of pycloud are:

  • Cloudlet API: runtime component that manages computation offload requests from mobile devices. It includes capabilities to provide cloudlet metadata to cloudlet clients for use in cloudlet selection algorithms.
  • Cloudlet Manager: web-based application for visualizing and managing Service VMs on a cloudlet
    • Service VM creation, edit and deletion
    • Service VM import and export
    • Service VM instance start, stop and migration
    • Cloudlet-ready app repository (i.e., app store)
  • Discovery Service: cloudlet broadcast mechanism based on zeroconf

Cloudlets are discoverable, generic, stateless servers located in single-hop proximity of mobile devices, that can operate in disconnected mode and are virtual-machine (VM) based to promote flexibility, mobility, scalability, and elasticity. In our implementation of cloudlets, applications are statically partitioned into a very thin client that runs on the mobile device and a computation-intensive Server that runs inside a Service VM. Read more about cloudlets at

KD-Cloudlet comprises a total of 7 GitHub projects:

  • pycloud (Cloudlet Server)
  • cloudlet-client (Cloudlet Client)
  • client-lib-android (Library for Cloudlet-Ready Apps)
  • client-lib (Java REST Client Library)
  • android-logger (SLF4J Logger for Android)
  • speech-server (Test server: Speech Recognition Server based on Sphinx)
  • speech-android (Test client: Speech Recognition Client)

Packaging and installation instructions are available at

Project Contents

  • debian/: files needed to create a .deb installer.
  • discovery/: configuration files to enable Cloudlet discovery through avahi-daemon.
  • hostpad/: not used.
  • libusb/: configuration files needed to enable USB communication.
  • pycloud/: the actual code for the Cloudlet Manager and API.
  • radius/: configuration files needed for FreeRADIUS to auto-reload when certain configurations change.
  • scripts/: scripts for setting up the environment for development. is the main one. Execute this way from inside the scripts/ folder: "bash" (do NOT call with sudo). NOTE: these scripts assume Ubuntu 14.0.4 or higher is being used.
  • testing/: some test scripts.
  • tls/: scripts to set up a CA and to set up scripts for libvirt.
  • upstart/: Upstart script configurations for the Manager and API services.
  • wpa_supplicant/: template files for configuring a wpa_supplicant daemon.
  • script for starting the server while developing (called by bash script below).
  • log of changes for different releases.
  • dev_tips.txt: some hints for developing parts of the system.
  • development_api.ini: config file used while developing the API.
  • development_manager.ini: config file used while developing the Manager.
  • pycloud_api.ini: API config file used when installing the server.
  • pycloud_manager.ini: Manager config file used when installing the server.
  • LICENSE: license for this software.
  •, requirements.txt and config files for creating the egg for this python package.
  • this file.
  • script to start API when developing, after env has been set up.
  • script to start Manager when developing, after env has been set up.
  • VERSION: the version number for the project.