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Here are the steps I went through to install Formhub-Loader in Mac OS-X. The release is an eclipse project. 

    If you don't already have a Java Runtime Environment installed this is necessary for running eclipse.

    First, I download the latest version of eclipse from: http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/

    Next, this being ant build project, install ant plugin for eclipse.  

Next, I cloned the repo:

    cd ~/Documents

    git clone git@github.com:modilabs/Formhub-Loader.git

Build the Eclipse Project:

    run Eclipse

    change the workspace to Formhub-Loader

    run an ant build on build.xml

    This step will build an executable jar file in the /dist directory. Use the jar for uploading odk files to formhub.

Uploading in Formhub 

	Run the Formhub-Loader on your notebook.

	Browse the "Form Instances" to the mounted drive.

	Browse the "Download To" to a folder where you would save the form instances.

	Provide a DeviceID that could be a unique ID for the devices for future reference and download the form instances.

	To Sync with Formhub, upload the Formhub ID and press the Sync Server button