Manifest for building a virtual machine on seL4 on ARM.
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CAmkES is a component platform that provides support for developing and building static seL4 systems as a collection of interacting components. The resulting systems are static, meaning that all the components and their connections (and thus all the kernel managed resources) are defined at design time and instantiated at system initialisation time.
It is not possible to change the system (e.g., to create or destroy components or to change the connections between components) at runtime. This CAmkES package includes various example systems that can be studied, and individually built and run.

For general instructions on how to use this repository, see

For general information about CAmkES see the CAmkES pages on

For detailed information about CAmkES see documentation in the camkes-tool repo.

Prerequisites, in addition to a standard build system for your target, are:

  • The Haskell compiler, ghc
  • Haskell libraries missingH, split and data-ordlist
  • Python
  • Python libraries python-tempita, pyelftools, jinja2 and ply
  • which, realpath and the libxml2 utilities.