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Supported Platforms

Verification status

The seL4 proofs are only for specific platforms, as noted in the tables for x86 and ARM below, in the Status column, as follows:

  • Unverified: this platform is not verfied at all and is not scheduled for verification.
  • Pending: this feature is currently undergoing verification.
  • FC: the functional correctness proofs are complete.
  • FCI: the integrity proofs are complete, in addition to functional correctness.
  • Verified: all proofs for this platform are complete, including functional correctness, integrity and infoflow.

Simulating seL4

Running seL4 in a simulator is a quick way to test it out and iteratively develop software. However, note that feature support is limited by the simulator.

See Running It for how to run seL4 using Qemu.


We support PC99-style Intel Architecture Platforms.

Platform Arch Virtualisation IOMMU Status Contributed by Maintained by
PC99 (32-bit) x86 VT-X VT-D Unverified Data61 Data61
PC99 (64-bit) x64 VT-X VT-D Pending Data61 Data61


seL4 has support for select ARMv6, ARMv7 and ARMv8 Platforms.

Platform System-on-chip Core Arch Virtualisation IOMMU Status Contributed by Maintained by
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We currently provide a prototype support for the 64-bit RISC-V spike platform. See Simulating RISC-V. Multicore and the floating point unit (FPU) are not supported.

| platform (board) | status | cotributed by | maintained by | | Spike | Unverified | Data61, Hesham Almatary | Data61 |