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Status of new and future seL4 features and projects

This page tracks the status of various seL4 platform features that are in progress or not yet started (i.e. planned).

For status of existing kernel ports, features, drivers, and other userland components, see:

Kernel Features and hardware platform ports

Feature Status Driven by Repo Comment
MCS kernel in development D61 {{site.sel4_mcs}} Rebased onto master at each release, but the development branch is not public. Being developed for all architectures and most supported platforms.
AArch64 hyp in development (unreleased) D61 being developed on NVIDIA TX1, HiKey
AArch64 SMP planned D61 to be developed on NVIDIA TX1, HiKey
NVIDIA TX1 SMMU planned D61 AArch32 and AArch64
RISC-V planned D61

CAmkES Features

Feature Status Driven by Repo Comment
CAmkES AArch64 planned D61
CAmkES AArch64 & hyp planned D61


Feature Status Driven by Repo Comment
camkes-arm-vmm for AArch64 planned D61 Including libsel4arm-vmm for AArch64
camkes-arm-vmm for NVIDIA TX1 planned D61 Including Linux running in a VM
multiple ARM VMs planned be able to run multiple VMMs, one VM per VMM. AArch32? AArch64?
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