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We welcome contributions to the seL4 project sources. For contributions to this documentation site, please see our docs contribution guidelines.


Please read and abide by the following conventions when contributing:

Large contributions

If you would like to make significant changes to the seL4 kernel, or any of its libraries, consider making an [RFC|RfcProcess]. This will allow seL4 developers and the wider community to comment and approve of your design.

Contributor license agreement:

We have two main groups of publicly hosted projects:

All submissions to repositories under require a signed contributor license agreement (CLA), which ceritfies:

  • That you have the rights to give us the contribution, and
  • That you give us the rights to use your contribution.

If required, please sign the Contributor License Agreement, scan it and send it to us at ''licensing AT''

Sign CLA before submitting pull request.  Pull requests undergo code review before being accepted

Figure 1 illustrates the contribution process. Once your pull request is approved, it will be merged internally and pushed out to github.

See Suggested Projects for suggestions on where to contribute.

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