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SELinux Game

This site is the source which provides and is compiled by Jekyll. The site itself is hosted with Github Pages.


The theme is originally forked from the [Lanyon theme] provided by Mark Otto.

For the SELinux Game content see the Authors page.

Building Locally with Vagrant and Fedora

  1. vagrant init fedora/27-cloud-base && vagrant up
  2. ssh to the box and tunnel port 4000 with: vagrant ssh -- -L 4000:
  3. Install necessary deps with dnf sudo dnf install ruby ruby-devel gcc redhat-rpm-config git zlib-devel
  4. Clone the repo into this box: git clone
  5. Go into the repo directory: cd
  6. Install Bundler for ruby: gem install bundler
  7. Install the ruby dependencies with bundle install
  8. Build and serve Jekyll: bundle exec jekyll serve
  9. Browse on your host at:


Open sourced under the MIT license.