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Reference Policy has the following build requirements:
* libsepol 2.7
* libsemanage 2.6
* checkpolicy 2.6
* policycoreutils 2.6
* Python >= 3.4
To install Reference Policy sources into /etc/selinux/refpolicy/src/policy:
make install-src
This will back up a pre-existing source policy to the
/etc/selinux/refpolicy/src/policy.bak directory.
If you do not have a modules.conf, one can be generated:
make conf
This will create a default modules.conf. Options for the policy
build process can be found in build.conf. After installing the policy sources,
the old Make targets have been maintained for the monolithic policy:
Local policy development:
make policy
Compile and install the policy:
make install
Compile, install, and load the policy:
make load
Filesystem labeling:
make relabel
make checklabels
make restorelabels
See the README for more information on available make targets.
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