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@pebenito pebenito released this 18 Aug 13:46
· 1131 commits to master since this release

New modules:

  • usbguard
  • aptcacher


  • Renamed "pid" interfaces to "runtime" interfaces to match the *_var_run_t to *_runtime_t rename
  • Merge systemd generator domains
  • Several systemd updates
  • Set value of build options to "true" so m4 ifelse can be used
  • Revise relabeling access to prevent relabeling to unlabeled_t
  • Makefile, Vagrant, and m4 improvements
  • First pass of cleanups from SELint
  • Clean up domains that had user tty or pty access but could be used from either
  • Add various inotify watch permissions
  • Add rules for apt-catcher-ng and acngtool
  • Add support for generating nft tables to gennetfilter
  • Many more minor fixes across the policy


  • Drop Python 2 compatibility code from
  • Remove unlabeled packet access
  • Remove ada module
Name SHA-256 SUM
refpolicy-2.20200818.tar.bz2 1488f9b94060de28addbcb29fb8437ee0d75cba15e11280dd9dfa3e09986f57b