This is the upstream repository for the Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) userland libraries and tools. The software provided by this project complements the SELinux features integrated into the Linux kernel and is used by Linux distributions. All bugs and patches should be submitted to
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Build dependencies on Fedora:
yum install audit-libs-devel bison bzip2-devel dbus-devel dbus-glib-devel flex flex-devel flex-static glib2-devel libcap-devel libcap-ng-devel pam-devel pcre-devel python-devel setools-devel swig xmlto redhat-rpm-config

To build and install everything under a private directory, run:
make DESTDIR=~/obj install install-pywrap

To install as the default system libraries and binaries
(overwriting any previously installed ones - dangerous!),
on x86_64, run:
make LIBDIR=/usr/lib64 SHLIBDIR=/lib64 install install-pywrap relabel
or on x86 (32-bit), run:
make install install-pywrap relabel

This may render your system unusable if the upstream SELinux userspace
lacks library functions or other dependencies relied upon by your
distribution.  If it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.

To install libsepol on macOS (mainly for policy analysis):
cd libsepol; make PREFIX=/usr/local install

This requires GNU coreutils (brew install coreutils).