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#SELinux Userspace

This is the upstream repository for the Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) userland libraries and tools. The software provided by this project complements the SELinux features integrated into the Linux kernel and is used by Linux distributions. The tools provide the following capabilities:

* Policy compilation - low-level tools that perform the conversion of the text-based SELinux policy language into the format used by the kernel for enforcement.

* Policy management - tools (e.g., semodule and semanage) and libraries (e.g., libsemanage) used to install, remove, and update SELinux policies on running systems.

* Policy development - tools to aid in the creation and updating of policies (e.g., audit2why and audit2allow).

* SELinux services - libraries (e.g., libselinux) for applications that must be aware of SELinux or enforce access control decisions using SELinux (e.g., Dbus).

* SELinux utilities - low-level utilities (e.g., setenforce and restorecon) for administering and SELinux-enabled system.

The software can be obtained as tested releases or from the development repository