ChangeScribe is an Eclipse plugin for generating commit messages (a.k.a., commit logs, commit notes) automatically. ChangeScribe uses as input two versions of a Java system, using Git as the underlying CVS, and generates a message with a general description of the changes (e.g., commit stereotype, rationale) and a detailed description of each ch…
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This repository contains the source code of ChangeScribe Eclipse plug-in. This plug-in allows to generate commit messages for Java Projects and hosted on Git.


Repository contains the following directories:

- CommitSummarizer.core - Includes source files of the plug-in.
- CommitSummarizer.test - Includes JUnit test.
- CommitSummarizer.feature - Includes Eclipse plug-in description.
- - Includes Eclipse update site configuration.

Getting Started

1. git clone
2. For each module (core, site, features, test) import in Eclipse IDE selecting *Import ...* > *Import as Existing Maven Projects ...*
3. Run in Eclipse IDE doing right click on ChangeScribe.core project, select Run as ... > Eclipse Application 


1. Compile and package using mvn clean package
2. In the following directory * -> target -> repository* find the binary files of the plug-in

For other commands, review Eclipse Tycho Documentation here

Obtaining ChangeScribe

ChangeScribe is open source, available under Eclipse Public Licence, EPL ( Please cite [1] if you want
reference ChangeScribe in your scientific work.

ChangeScribe uses a modified version of Change Distiller. You can download [here]: (


[1] Cortés-Coy, L. F., Linares-Vásquez, M., Aponte, J., and Poshyvanyk, D., "On Automatically Generating Commit Messages via Summarization of Source Code Changes", in Proceedings of 14th IEEE International Working Conference on Software Code Analysis and Manipulation (SCAM’14), Victoria, Canada, September 28-29, 2014, to appear 10 pages.