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The Core Standard and Specifications Vocabulary (CSSV)
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The Core Standards and Specifications Vocabulary (CSSV)

This is the issue tracker for the maintenance of the Core Standards and Specifications Vocabulary.

The Core Standards and Specifications Vocabulary” (CSSV) will be used for the development of the new ELIS release and for any need of information exchange related to standards and specifications amongst software solutions. The update of this release of the CSSV will be based on requests for change coming from stakeholders interested in the Vocabulary

The Core Standards and Specifications (CSSV) specified in this document has been developed taking in inputs from different sources, namely the works developed for the ISA2’s CAMSS Action, interested MS, the Semantic Interoperability Community (SEMIC) action of the ISA2 Programme and IT consultants working for the European Commission.

This vocabulary is published under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

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