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  1. sepia-docs

    Documentation and Wiki for SEPIA. Please post your questions and bug-reports here in the issues section! Thank you :-)

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  2. sepia-installation-and-setup

    Instructions, scripts, tools and files to install, setup and run the SEPIA-Framework on Raspberry Pi, Windows, Mac and other Linux systems.

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  3. sepia-assist-server

    Core server of the SEPIA Framework responsible for NLU, conversation, smart-service integration, user-accounts and more.

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  4. sepia-html-client-app

    Application to communicate with SEPIA via browser, iOS and Android. Works as chat messenger with personal-assistant, ASR and TTS integration.

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  5. sepia-sdk-java

    Java SDK for SEPIA services

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  6. sepia-extensions

    Extensions (the "E" in SEPIA) are plugins and smart services that enhance SEPIA's capabilities.

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