Application to communicate with SEPIA via browser, iOS and Android. Works as chat messenger with personal-assistant, ASR and TTS integration.
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SEPIA Cross-Platform App

Part of the SEPIA Framework

S.E.P.I.A. App

This is a HTML-based application (SEPIA client) to communicate with SEPIA via browser, iOS and Android.
Features of the app are:

  • Input via voice (Android, iOS, browser) and text
  • Native (Android, iOS, Chrome) and open-source ASR supported (see STT-Server)
  • Text-to-Speech voice output
  • WebSocket based chat with SEPIA and other users that are registered on your private or public server (see Chat-Server)
  • Customizable start-screen with user-recommendations (created by the SEPIA server)
  • AlwaysOn mode with animated avatar (works best with OLED screens! ^_^)
  • In-chat card results (e.g. for to-do lists), audio player (e.g. for web-radio) and in-app browser for iOS and Android
  • User-account management
  • Teach-interface to add your own commands/chats/actions to SEPIA (see Teach-Server)
  • Customizable look (skins for the app)
  • Tutorial and help screens to get started
  • Remote-actions to communicate between clients and devices (e.g. for wake-word integration)
  • Deeplinks to open the app via URLs
  • Local notifications (e.g. for alarms - push-notifications under construction)
  • Language support for german and english
  • Completely open-source


The latest release version is always online at:
The Android app can be installed via the Google Play Store (currently only German): German Play Store link

Note: If you don't operate your own SEPIA server you can still open the app in "demo-mode" (simply skip the log-in) and look around a bit though most of the features will not be active in this mode.
More languages for Android and an iOS app are in beta-test phase and will be release "when they are done" :-p

For experts only: Use the build-scripts in this repository to build your own version of the app (Android and iOS are available).

Version history ...

... can be found here.