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A userscript manager for Internet Explorer written in C#.NET.
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A userscript manager for Internet Explorer.

For more information see the official Scriptmonkey wiki

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How to install

It's recommended that you check out the releases page to discover what's new in the recent versions.

Download Main Installer

  1. Extract all files from the archive
  2. Run InstallationManager.exe and press 1 on your keyboard for '1' Install Scriptmonkey.
  3. Open Internet Explorer and press Enable on the bar at the bottom when prompted to enable Scriptmonkey.

It is suggested that you use at least Microsoft Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 11. Earlier versions have not been tested and full support cannot be guaranteed. The .NET Framework version 4.5 can be downloaded from here if required.

See also:

How to uninstall

Run InstallationManager.exe (found in the release archive) and press 2 on your keyboard for '2' Remove Scriptmonkey.

See also:

Notes to contributors

  • This project uses the .NET Framework version 4.5 and 3.0
  • You will need to install the Visual Studio Installer Projects addon from the gallery to open the Setup project.
  • See the issues page for a list of things to work on.
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