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Creating an Email Group List

Navigate to in a Web Browser

  • Login with your email address associated w/ SESYNC account
  • Select the Create List tab

![]({{ '/assets/images/MailingList.png' | relative_url }}){:.doc-img}

  • Enter a list name - this name will be the name of the email address
  • Choose the accessibility of the list (we suggest Confidential or Private Working Group)
  • Enter a subject, choose SESYNC Sponsored Research for the Topics, and add a brief description

![]({{ '/assets/images/ListTemplate.png' | relative_url }}){:.doc-img}

  • Submit your creation request

  • After submitting you can add members by the email addresses by clicking Review members link on the left hand side of the screen

![]({{ '/assets/images/ReviewMembers.png' | relative_url }}){:.doc-img} ![]({{ '/assets/images/AddUser.png' | relative_url }}){:.doc-img}

  • If you do not receive confirmation of the list approval within 48 hours please email requesting approval of the list creation
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