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Functionality to search for course and credit transfer equivalency between institutions
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Project Name

Transfer Equivalency for All

Project Description

When students want to transfer from one institution to another, they want to know how their course history will transfer to equivalent course credit at the desired institution. This project creates a schema to capture the information about transfer equivalency: details about the course at the originating institution, details about the course at the destination institution, how many transfer credits a course is worth, a history of course transfer information, and other course details.

Project Audience

Institutions that receive requests for transfer credit from prospective students and applicants.

Project Documentation

Documentation can be found in the repository wiki:

Project Team

Project Team Accomplishments

In July 2019, the project team created a schema, some record types, and an outline of the setup guide.


See the Issues tab for open enhancements. Feel free to add additional suggestions and use cases!

Project Roadmap

Students will be able to see how their courses transfer to the destination institution. This database of transfer equivalencies is exposed to students so students can "window shop" to see how their existing credits could transfer to different institutions.

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