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Project Name

Transfer Equivalency

Project Theme

This project is an app meant to help students and institutions search for course and credit transfer equivalency between institutions.

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June 2021 Sprint

Project Team

Help us give you the thanks you deserve and ensure future contributors know who to contact if they have questions! Please ensure that all contributing members of the team are included.

  • Team Leader(s): Peter Bernardi, Elevate Actual; Kathy Lueckeman, Olivet Nazarene University (; Riley Schill, GoStratus

  • June 2021 AMER Team Members Matthew Blanski,; Andy Corbus, Olivet Nazarene University; Emma Hutchinson, Coastal Cloud; Emily Rector, Traction on Demand; Steph Sisson, EDACS; Corey Snow,;

The team adopted the vision from previous sprints. It updated the ERD from the Detroit sprint to reflect the new objects added at but not documented during the Philly sprint.

The team proposed removing the relationship from Course Transfer to Program Plan, since it's related to Course and the Philly. sprint introduced an object related to course to store rules associated with the course (e.g., program-specific rules).

The team also proposed updating the solution to include Affiliations, Application and Education History.

  • Next Steps The team should draw the new ERD and replace the one in the Rsources link. The team should configure the relationships with the existing EDA objects proposed by this projedt team. The team should refresh the data in the repository to include data for these new objects.

From past sprints:

Past Project Team

Full Name Github Username Sprint(s)
Ethan Savage Ejsavage Detroit 2019
Tiago Ruivo tiagoruivo Detroit 2019
Robert Watson robertbwatson Detroit 2019
Margaret Fako margaretfako Detroit 2019
Ryan Klein kleinryan Detroit 2019
Zach Field P0und-cake Detroit 2019
Scott Lieberman ScottLiebermnn Detroit 2019
Corey Rittvo coreyrittvo Detroit 2019
Dave Lea Dave-SFDO Detroit 2019
Haley Gould haleymgould Detroit 2019
Victoria Tang vtangToD Detroit 2019
Kathy Zimmerman KathyZimmerman Philadelphia 2019
Matthew Blanski MatthewBlanski Philadelphia 2019

Project Vision (Please make this your first task as a team)

When students want to transfer from one institution to another, they want to know how their course history will transfer to equivalent course credit at the desired institution. This project creates a schema to capture the information about transfer equivalency: details about the course at the originating institution, details about the course at the destination institution, how many transfer credits a course is worth, a history of course transfer information, and other course details.

Project Resources

Documentation can be found in the repository wiki:


Project Team Accomplishments What did the Project Team get done during the Sprint? March 2020: Updated the schema from July 2019 using my EDA objects. Included Application, Course with new recordtype (External), as well as Contact and Account (Education Institution record type). Built 3 custom objects: Transcript, Transcript Course, and Course Equivalency Rule. Transcript is a parent for Transcript Course. Transcript Course has a double look up to Course. Course Equivalency Rule is the object that matches an external course with the approved internal course.

Project Team Accomplishments (YTD)

  • In July 2019, the project team created a schema, some record types, and an outline of the setup guide.

Future Contributions (AKA what were you unable to finish at the Sprint)

See the Issues tab for open enhancements. Feel free to add additional suggestions and use cases!


Students will be able to see how their courses transfer to the destination institution. This database of transfer equivalencies is exposed to students so students can "window shop" to see how their existing credits could transfer to different institutions.