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Candy History

This document aims to provide only an overview. Further, we've only really been tracking things since v0.2. For obsessive detail, just check out the git log.

v0.2.10 - 2010-06-10 (the "This is not my beautiful hash" release)

Made arrays enumerable finally (thanks to dominikh with issue #13) and added some vital hash methods to Piece that I needed.

NOTE: I've been slow on updates the past few weeks. It's because I got a crazy new idea on how to interface with the Mongo parts (the "Candy::Crunch" part of this gem) and I've been spending my free dev time playing with that. It might take a bit longer, but if I can get it to work, the non-driver parts of Candy will be both simpler and more incredible. Ping me if you want to know more about what I'm babbling about.

  • Fixed Github issue #13
  • Added Piece#keys and Piece#values

v0.2.9 - 2010-05-14 (the "+1" release)

Moved methods around again, placing more of the database update methods into Candy::Crunch. Also began support for two flavors of atomic update methods:

  1. Safe methods that call the collection in "safe" mode, meaning that it's much slower but the update is verified and exceptions are returned by the Mongo driver. These methods also return the new values. So far supported are set and inc.
  2. Unsafe or bang! methods that call the collection in "unsafe" mode, for maximum speed but without verification or new values returned. So far supported are set! and inc!.

  • Refactored; added 'bang!' methods for atomic updates

v0.2.8 - 2010-05-13 (the "Holy crap, that was ten pomodoros" release)

Major refactoring to fix a major bug: embedded documents weren't being loaded properly on document retrieval. This resulted in a lot of code being moved around, and some regrettable circular connascence between Piece and Wrapper that I hope to address later. Overall, though, it's simpler now.

API CHANGE: The .embed class method has two new required parameters and is now used only when you know the parent you want to embed something in. To make a Candy piece that you don't want to be saved right away, use .piece instead.

  • Fixed Github issue #11

v0.2.7 - 2010-05-05 (the "yes, you MAY put your peanut butter in my chocolate" release)

Found and fixed a convoluted bug that was preventing embedded Candy objects from being saved properly. (It was treating them as non-Candy objects, which makes the world a gray and boring place.) While I was at it, refactored some methods and chipped away at some complexity.

MODERATELY BREAKING CHANGE ALERT: I've renamed the to_mongo and from_mongo methods to to_candy and from_candy. The initial reason for the mongo names was for some vague semblance of compatibility with MongoMapper, but that doesn't make sense since we're treating serialized Candy objects completely differently and expecting them to unpack themselves. I seriously doubt anyone was using these methods yet, but just in case, now you know.

  • Fixed embedding bug on Candy objects

v0.2.6 - 2010-05-03 (the "Spanish Fly" release)

Thanks to xpaulbettsx for pointing out in issue #4 that Candy was attempting to connect to localhost prematurely.
A stray setting of the collection name in CandyHash was the culprit, causing a cascade of lookups. Refactored to maintain lazy evaluation of the whole MongoDB object chain, and while I was at it, moved most of the interesting objects into autoload conditions in the main Candy file instead of require.

  • Reorganized for autoloading
  • Fixed issue #4 - tries to connect to host immediately on require

v0.2.5 - 2010-05-02 (the "John::Jacob::Jingleheimer::Schmidt" release)

As I was building an app based on several Sinatra building blocks, I realized that Candy was creating collection names like Login::Person and Profile::Person with complete module namespaces. I wanted both of those Person classes to be different views on the same data, and having to override the collection name each time was becoming a pain. I'm not sure that fully namespacing the collection names inside Mongo has much value, and we weren't really documenting that it was happening, so I've simplified things.

  • Default collection names no longer include module namespace paths

v0.2.4 - 2010-04-21 (the "No shortcuts!" release)

While building validations and custom behavior on a new app, I realized that any method overrides in my classes were being bypassed if I passed the values in a hash to .new() -- it was just setting everything straight in Mongo. Inconsistent behavior is uncool. So now every hash key calls the relevant assignment method in the class.

  • Values passed in hash to new objects call the relevant assignment methods
  • Fixed typo in README (thanks, kfl62)

v0.2.3 - 2010-04-13 (the "around and around we go") release

Turns out some Rails environments get really ornery if you introduce circular dependencies into your code. Like, say, requiring 'candy/hash' inside 'candy/piece' and 'candy/piece' inside 'candy/hash'. Who knew?

(Rhetorical question. I should have known. I'll restructure later to remove the breakage.)

  • Stubbed out Candy::Piece to resolve circular dependency issue

v0.2.2 - 2010-04-12 (the "I hate reporting bugs to the MongoDB team" release)

The Mongo gem has broken the BSON functions out into a separate bson gem, so I had to fix things. This means Candy is no longer compatible with the Mongo gem < 0.20.1. Que sera. (Also, the bson_ext gem must be installed due to a bug. I'll remove the dependency when they fix it.) Additional minor bonus: authentication.

  • New BSON::* classes correctly referenced in Candy::Wrapper
  • Candy.username and Candy.password properties to automatically authenticate at the global level
  • Class-specific .username and .password properties for class-specific databases

v0.2.1 - 2010-04-04 (the "Oops" release)

I screwed up in my use of Jeweler, and managed to get my versions out of sync between Github and Rubygems.org. I tried to gem yank the one from Rubygems, but it won't let me push again with the same version number. To justify bumping the patch number, I added this changelog. Yeah, I know. Pathetic.

  • The HISTORY file you're reading

v0.2.0 - 2010-04-04 (the "Candy for Easter" release)

A nearly total rewrite. Some specs still remain from v0.1, but very little actual code. Added in this release were:

  • Candy::Collection
  • Candy::CandyHash
  • Candy::CandyArray
  • Dynamic class methods for finders
  • Object embedding
  • Module-level configuration properties (Candy.host, Candy.db, etc.)
  • A novel-length README file
  • The Don't Be a Dick License
  • Other stuff I've surely forgotten about

v0.1 - 2010-02-16

Let's just call this one a "proof of concept" release. It worked, but clumsily. Only Candy::Piece was really implemented, with no embedding, and the bulk of the code was directly in method_missing. Global variables like $MONGO_HOST were used instead of module properties, and the separation of driver and framework concerns was nonexistent. Please don't look at it. You'll make me blush.