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# encoding: utf-8
require 'candy/crunch'
require 'candy/exceptions'
module Candy
# Let's be minimalist here. Some implementations may not need Collections, or Arrays, etc.
# Anything not in the autoload list below is unlikely to be accessed directly by an end user.
autoload :CandyHash, 'candy/hash'
autoload :CandyArray, 'candy/array'
autoload :Wrapper, 'candy/wrapper'
autoload :Piece, 'candy/piece'
autoload :Collection, 'candy/collection'
# Special keys for Candy metadata in the Mongo store. We try to keep these to a minimum,
# and we're using moderately obscure Unicode symbols to reduce the odds of collisions.
# If by some strange happenstance you might have single-character keys in your Mongo
# collections that use the 'CIRCLED LATIN SMALL LETTER' Unicode set, you may need to
# change these constants. Just be consistent about it if you want to use embedded
# documents in Candy.
CLASS_KEY = ''.to_sym
EMBED_KEY = ''.to_sym