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Minor corrections in the documentation of FindSFML.cmake (components …

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1 parent d22a318 commit aa1007a619378cddba75ae6d33a54fac33d99fdb @LaurentGomila LaurentGomila committed
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4 cmake/Modules/FindSFML.cmake
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
# When you try to locate the SFML libraries, you must specify which modules you want to use (system, window, graphics, network, audio, main).
# If none is given, the SFML_LIBRARIES variable will be empty and you'll end up linking to nothing.
# example:
-# find_package(SFML COMPONENTS system window graphics) // find the system, graphics and window modules
+# find_package(SFML COMPONENTS graphics window system) // find the graphics, window and system modules
# You can enforce a specific version, either MAJOR.MINOR or only MAJOR.
# If nothing is specified, the version won't be checked (ie. any version will be accepted).
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
# In case of static linking, the SFML_STATIC macro will also be defined by this script.
# example:
-# find_package(SFML 2 COMPONENTS system network)
+# find_package(SFML 2 COMPONENTS network system)
# On Mac OS X if SFML_STATIC_LIBRARIES is not set to TRUE then by default CMake will search for frameworks unless
# CMAKE_FIND_FRAMEWORK is set to "NEVER" for example. Please refer to CMake documentation for more details.

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