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Introduction to Coding Workshop

This class is a hands-on, minimum-dependency, cross-platform introduction to coding targeting beginners with no experience. Class focus is on Javascript, also learning HTML, CSS, and Processing.

Class Material

This class is divided among 4 sessions meeting once a week

First Session: May 20

  • Typesetting, styling, and printing presses
  • Full screen HTML
  • Painting with DIV

Second Session: May 27

  • Interactive web pages, animations
  • Codes and languages, simple types of variables
  • Control flow, think like a computer

Third Session: June 3

  • Complex variable types
  • Functions
  • Keyboard and mouse input

Fourth Session: June 10

  • Drawing with the mouse
  • Thinking beyond language syntax
  • Screensaver, Game loops


Don't use any libraries, such as JQuery or p5.js. The students write everything from a blank HTML. The effect is that the students can hold in their heads the universe of code as they know it. Less lecture, more coding together. Code without shortcuts, code long-form, be like Maria Montessori, be on the students' level with them. Develop a vibrant landscape of visual metaphors. Convey as much vocabulary as possible.


$400 for 4 sessions


Robby Kraft is an artist, engineer, and educator based in New York who works with sculptural and digital media. His work incorporates math, science, and music into media art and open source tools, and he is a significant member of the origami community. Robby was a teaching resident and co-organizer of SFPC Fall 2016.

Contact if you have any question